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Q: What is the percentage rate for lending 1 peso?
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What is the Louisiana Usury Rate?

The current usury rate for the state of Louisiana is 12 percent, in September of 2014. The law in Louisiana states that the lending rate for personal loans cannot be more than 1 percentage point over the prime lending rate. It also states that the usury rate cannot fall below 7 percent.

What is the exchange rate of us dollar to peso?

1 Dollar today is 13.07 Mexican Peso.

Is an argentine peso brought back from vacation in 1998 worth the today's exchange rate?

depends on the exchange rate, It's a 3 to 1 average, peso to dollar. So 1 peso is around .33 us cent.

In the US what is the currency exchange rate for the Mexican Peso?

The exchange rate is 12 to 1.

1 Chilean peso is how much money in US?

The rate changes but at this time you need 570 coins of 1 peso to have 1 US dollar

What is the exchange rate between the kuwaiti dinar and the Philippine peso?

1 kuwaiti dinar equivalent to 46.4 peso

What is the name of the national currency of Argentina?

The Chilean Peso (El Peso Chileno) Exchange rate as of Sept 23, 2007US $1, approximately 513 Chilean pesos.It is the Chilean Peso.

What is the exchange rate from the dollar to the peso?

It changes daily. As at 4-Feb, 1 Mexican Peso is worth $0.08. 1 US Dollar is worth 13 Pesos.

How many US dollars are in a peso?

in a Mexican peso on January 10 of 2010, 1 USD is 12.765 MXNP (Mexican Peso)

What is the current value of 50000 Argentina peso ley banknote in us dollars?

50000 Argentina Peso ley single banknote is equivalent to $ 17,500.00 USD. 1 Argentina Peso ley = 1 New Argentina Peso = Daily exchange rate.

What is the exchange rate to the US dollar from the Chile peso?

1 USD = 578.3 Chile Peso Note: Value as of 13 Feb 2009

What is the current rate of exchange on peso's?

As of December 23, 2009, the exchange rate is 1 US Dollar to 12.88 Mexican Pesos.