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It is: 25

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Q: What is the perfect square closest to but less than 28?
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Is there a prime number where there is 1 less than a perfect square?

3 is prime, 1 less than the perfect square of 4 (2x2)

What perfect square is less than 30?

It is 25.

What is the greatest perfect square ofr 5040?

5040 is not a perfect square. The greatest perfect square less than 5040 is 4900.

What is the largest perfect square less than 1000?

312 = 961

How do you write the greatest perfect square less than 13?


How many positive square numbers less than 50?

positive square numbers less than 50 are 7 these are : 1,4,9,16,25,36,49.These are less than 50.

What is the largest perfect square that can go into 1476?

√1476 ≈ 38.419, so the largest perfect square less than 1476 would have to be 382, or 1444.

Are prime numbers more or less common than perfect squares?

Any number squared except 0 is a perfect square so it follows that prime numbers are less common than perfect squares.

What is the perfect square less than 25?

16, 9, 4 or 1

What number is a perfect square a even number and less than 16?

It is: 4

What is the perfect cube that is less than to 125?

It is 64 which is also a square number

What perfect square less than 200 is also a perfect cube?

0, 1 and 64 are three numbers that qualify.

Why is 572 NOT a square number?

A square number, or perfect square, is the square of an integer. 232 is less than 572, 242 is more, so it is not the square of an integer.

What is the pefrect square less than 10?

9 and 4 are both perfect squares, and less than 10.

What is the duration of Less than Perfect?

The duration of Less than Perfect is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the largest perfect square less than 800?

It is: 784 because 28*28 = 784

How many perfect square nmbers are less than 1617 and greatr than 5929?

Take the square root of 1617 and round it up. Take the square root of 5929 and round it down. That gives you the lower and upper range of the numbers which you must square to get the desired perfect squares.

When did Less than Perfect end?

Less than Perfect ended on 2006-06-06.

When was Less than Perfect created?

Less than Perfect was created on 2002-10-01.

Perfect squares less than 101?

Integers which are the squares of integers are called perfect squares or square numbers. Perfect squares less than 101 are 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81 and 100.

How many positive integers less than 100 have the sum of their digits equal to a perfect square?

There are 20.

What natural numbers less than 100 are both perfect squares and perfect cubes?

64 is the square of 8 and the cube of 4.

How many perfect square numbers are less than 1694 and greater than 5929?

There are 41 square numbers less than 1694 and an infinite number greater than 5929. There are 35 square numbers between 1694 and 5929, 36 if you count 5929 itself.

What is the 5 beprsique number?

A beprisque number nnn is an integer which is either one more than a prime number and one less than a perfect square, or one more than a square and one less than a prime. The 5th such number is 10.

What is a perfect number less than 50?

6 and 28 are perfect numbers less than 50.

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