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The perimeter of each tile is 4 inches. So the perimeter of 16 tiles - separately - is 4*16 = 64 inches. The perimeter of a 16-tile shape depends on the shape.

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Q: What is the perimeter for 16 tiles that are 1 inch?
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The perimeter of a square is 100 inches. How many square tiles 1 inch on each edge?

The perimeter of a square is 100 inches. How many square tiles 1 inch on each edge are needed to cover its area?

What is the perimeter of a square made of 64 tiles with an area of 1 square inch?

32 inches

How many 16 x 16 sq inch tiles are needed for 80 sqfeet?

16 x 16 inch tiles are actually (1 and 1/3) x (1 and 1/3) feet tiles which turns out to have an area of (4/3) x (4/3) = 16/9 square feet. So you want to cover 80 square feet. The number of tiles required is (80) / (16/9) = (80) x (9/16) = 45 tiles

How many 21 inch x 16 inch tiles into 200 square feet?

86 tiles; you'll have about 1/4 of one tile left over.

Can you use square inch tiles to make a helipad that is a rectangle with a perimeter of 9 inches?

Could be. Let's say the rectangle is 3.5 in by 1 in; then it would take 3 and one-half tiles.

How many 16 x16 tiles will it take to cover 130 square feet?

It depends on the size of the tile. The number of 16cm x 16 cm tiles required will be quite different from the number of 16 inch x 16 inch tiles. Unfortunately, you do not specify which. And, if the tile was 16 ft x 16 ft, then 1 tile would be sufficient!

How many 16 inch by 16 inch tiles can fit into 126 square feet?

16X16=256 inches 12X12=144 inches=1 Square Foot 126X144=18144 18144/256=79 79 16X16 tiles

What is the perimeter for a 1 inch by 1 inch square?

4 inches

How many tiles wil cover 1650 sq ft?

If the tiles are 1 foot squares, it will take 1,650 of them to cover 1,650 square feet. If the tiles are 16 inch square (1-1/3 square feet, each), then it would take 1,238 tiles.

What is the perimeter of 1 inch by 1 inch square?

4 in2 Square has four equal sides and you say the side is 1 inch. Hence perimeter is 4 inches

How many 1 inch by 1 square tiles for 6 square feet?

864 tiles.144 tiles per square foot.

What is the perimeter of a 1- inch square tile?

The perimeter would be 4 inches !

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