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Q: What is the perimeter of a 24 square unit rectangle?
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What is the area of a 24 unit perimeter of a rectangle?

28 units

The length of a rectangle is three times its width and the area of the rectangle is 192ft squared what is its perimeter?

Area = 8*24 =192 square feet Perimeter = 24+24+8+8 = 64 feet

What is the perimeter of rectangle by 24 long and 17meters?

Perimeter of rectangle: 24+17+24+17 = 82 meters

What is the perimeter of a 5 by 7 rectangle?

The perimeter of a 5 by 7 rectangle is 24.

What are the perimeter and area of a rectangle with the length of 5 in and a width of 7 in?

Perimeter = 24 inches Area = 35 square inches

What is the perimeter of a rectangle is 20 feet and the area is 24 square feet What is the width of the rectangle?

The rectangle is 6-ft long and 4-ft wide.

How do you draw a rectangle with an area of 24 square centimeters and a perimeter of 22 square centimeters?

That's 3 x 8.

Can two rectangles have the same square units and different perimeters?

Yes, for example a 4'x6' and 8'x3' rectangle have the same square units because 4'x6'=24 square feet and 8'x3'=24 square feet, while the perimeter of the 4'x6' rectangle is 20' the perimeter of the 8'x3' rectangle is 22'

What is the perimeter of a rectangle equals 24?

The perimeter is the distance around, the sum of the sides. A 5 x 7 or a 4 x 8 rectangle has a perimeter of 24.

What is perimeter of the rectangle 24DC by 18DC?

Perimeter of the rectangle 24+18+24+18 = 84DC

A rectangle has an area of 36 square meters What is the measurement of its perimeter?

If it was a square, which is a rectangle, the perimeter would be 24 meters . But it was a regular rectangle than it could be a few things actually , one of them would be 26 meters . Another would be 40 meters I think .

How do you draw a rectangle with an area of 24 square units and a perimeter of 22 units?

the answer is jermil warren with a thing :)

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