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A rectangle 10.5 x 3 will have a perimeter of 27 in.

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Q: What is the perimeter of a rectangle 7 in by 2 in enlarged by the scale factor of 1.5?
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How does scale factor relate to perimeter?

Scale factor and perimeter are related because if the scale factor is 2, then the perimeter will be doubled. So whatever the scale factor is, that is how many times the perimeter will be enlarged.

What happens to the perimeter when a rectangle is enlarged by a scale factor of 5?

if the length and breadth are increased by 5 times each area becomes 25 times

What happens to the perimeter when a rectangle is enlarged by a scale factor of 3?

It will be three times the size. Each length will be multiplied by 3.. Perimeter = h+h+w+w if we multiply each by three then we get 3h+3H+3w+3w = 3P

What does the scale factor between two similar figures tell you about the perimeter?

The perimeter will scale by the same factor.

How can you use scale factor to find a new perimeter and area?

New perimeter = old perimeter*scale factor New area = Old area*scale factor2

What happens to an enlarged image when the scale factor of enlargement is greater than one?

It depends on the aspect ratio. If it is a square object then it should scale up evenly. But if it is a rectangle then eventually a large enough scale factor will make it looked stretch on the longer sides.

Perimeter ratio 100 and find scale factor?

The linear scale factor is 100.

What is the scale factor of two figures with a perimeter of 50 Cm and 75 Cm?

There need not be any. There is no scale factor between a pentagon with a perimeter of 50 cm and a triangle with a perimeter of 75 cm. The shapes are totally different!The scale factor is 2 : 3.

What happens to an enlarged image when the scale factor of enlargement is one?

Absolutely nothing. A scale factor of 1 is the same as saying do not change the scale.

How do you enlarge a rectangle by 2.5 with scale factor?

If you assume that 2.5 refers to the scale factor, you multiply each linear measurement by 2.5. This includes the width, the length, and - if you want to use it to construct your new rectangle - the diagonals. It also happens to include the perimeter, but you probably won't need that to construct the rectangle.

What is the relationship between scale factor and perimeter?

It is a strict linear relationship. Double the size, double the perimeter. The area, however, increases by the square of the scale factor.

How do you find the ratio of the perimeter of two similar rectangles?

The ratio of the perimeters is equal to the scale factor. If rectangle #1 has sides L and W, then the perimeter is 2*L1 + 2*W1 = 2*(L1 + W1).If rectangle # 2 is similar to #1 and sides are scaled by a factor S, so that L2 = S*L1 and W2 = S*W1, the perimeter of rectangle #2 is 2*(L2 + W2)= 2*(S*L1 + S*W1) = S*2*(L1 + W1) = S*(perimeter of rectangle #1).

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