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Normally, the amount of the side of the rectangle below the quarter circle on it would expected to be calculated. However, the radius of the circle equals the amount that is subtracted, but in calculating the perimeter it has to be added back in again as it forms part of the perimeter.

Thus the perimeter is the perimeter of the rectangle plus a quarter of the circumference of the circle.

→ perimeter = 2 × (20cm + 2 cm) + ¼ × 2 × π × 11 cm ≈ 44 cm + 3.14 × 11/2 = 61.27 cm.

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Q: What is the perimeter of a rectangle that is 20cm by 2cm which has a quarter circle of radius 11cm on one 20cm side running off the 2cm side using 3.14 for ฯ€?
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Perimeter is to a rectangle as circumference is to?


Which is larger the perimeter of a 2' 4' rectangle or the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 36?

The circumference of the circle is larger than the perimeter of the rectangle.

What is the perimeter of quarter circle?

The arc is one quarter of a circle so is 2pir, the other components of the quarter circle are the two radii, so perimeter is 2r+2pir = 2r(1+pi)

Which is bigger a rectangle with a perimeter of 36 meters or a circle with a circumference of 36 meters?


What is the perimeter of a three quarter circle?

I believe 270 because a circle's perimeter is 360 so if you divide it by 0.75, you get 270.

How many square feet in a 84 feet perimeter?

Perimeter of which geometry (square, circle, rectangle, triangle, ...)

If A circle and rectangle have the same area the circle has a diameter of 42 centimeters and rectangle has a width of 18 centimeters find the perimeter of the rectangle?

Area of circle = pi*212 = 1385.44236 square cm Area of rectangle = 1385.44236 square cm Lenght of rectangle = 1385.44236/18 = 76.96902 cm Perimeter of rectangle = 2(76.96902)+2(18) = 189.93804 cm

How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle with a semi circle attached to it?

add the perimeter of the rectangle, minus the side that'c covered by the semi circle. then, find the circumference of the semi circle [diameter x pi, divided by 2] and addd them together

How it will come the perimeter of a quarter circle?

It is a 90 degree turn or circumference/4

What is the quarter circle's radius if the perimeter of a quarter circle is 32.13 centimeters?

The perimeter of a quarter circle is 2 radii plus a quarter of the circumference of the whole circle: → 2 × radius + ¼ × 2 × π × radius = 32.13 cm → radius × (2 + π/2) = 32.13 cm → radius = 32.13 ÷ (2 + π/2) cm ≈ 9.00 cm

What is the equation on perimeter?

The perimeter of a plane figure is the length of its boundary. Thus the perimeter of a rectangle of length L and width W is 2L + 2W. The perimeter of a circle is the length of its circumference.

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