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if one side of the square is 8 yards, then its 32 yards, or 96 ft.

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The perimeter of a square with an area of 5,000 square yards is: 282.8 yards

A square that has an area of four square yards would be two square yards on a side. Thus, the perimeter of such a square would be a total of eight yards.

If the area is 900 and it is square, then each side measure 30 yards. That means the perimeter is 30x4 or 120 yards.

15 yards x 4 sides = perimeter of 60 yards

If its a rectangle then: 8+8+6+6 = 28 yards

It depends on the square yard you're talking about. If it is 1 yard by 1 yard, the perimeter will be 4 yard. If it is 1/2 yard by 2 yards, the perimeter will be 5 yards. If it is 1/4 yard by 4 yards, the perimeter will be 8.5 yards. In general, you will x yards by y yards with xy=1 and 2x+2y =p.

Each side of the dog pen will be 3 yards. There are four sides. Therefore, the perimeter will be 3 x 4 = 12 yards.

8 square yards = 10,368 square inches.

8 square feet = 0.888889 square yards.

Perimeter is 300 yards. This is a length and is not measured in square feet which measure area. The area of this in square feet is 150 x 300 ie 45000 sq ft

Since a square has four sides of equal length, divide the perimeter measurement by four: 300 / 4 = 75 yards.

There's no way of knowing unless we know the shape. 48 acres is 232320 square yards. That could be a patch of land 10 yards wide and 23232 yards long, making the perimeter 46484 yards. If it was a square it would be about 482 yards on a side, making the perimeter 1928 yards.

An acre is 4840 square yards. If the acre is a square, ie has all sides equal and all angles right angles, the length of a side is the square root of the area, ie 69.57 yards, so the perimeter is four times this, or 278.28 yards.

5 acres = 24,200 sq yards. If this is a circle, d = 175.5 yards, and circumference = 551.5 yards. Any other shape will have larger perimeter. If it is a square for instance, side of square will be 155.56 yards so perimeter will be four times this = 622.25 yards.

If the area of the square is 64 square cm then its sides are 8 cm. Its perimeter: 8+8+8+8 = 32 cm

8x8=64. therefore 8+8+8+8 = 32 yards that is provided the area is a square. To get the area the formula is length x width. The perimeter is all sides added together. Provided that it is a square or rectangle the formula is 2x length + 2x width. The perimeter in a circle (circumference) is 2 x Pi x radius, area being Pi x r x r. A triangle is generally 1/2 x breath x height for area

There is no definitive answer to this question. An acre is by definition 4840 square yards but the perimeter of an acre could vary. E.g. if the acre is a rectangle 22 yards by 220 - as traditionally defined - the perimeter is 484 yards. If the acre is a perfect square (square root of 4840 long) then the perimeter is 278 yards. The acre could just as well be traingular, trapeziodal or even circular...

A square with an area of 40 acres measures 440 yards on each side and the distance diagonally is 622.3 yards. The perimeter of the square is 1,760 yards long.