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4*1.25 = a perimeter of 5 units

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Q: What is the pimermeter of a square with 1.25m sides?
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What is the volume of a cube with 5 m long sides?

all sides are 5 m long. 5x5x5= 125m cubed

Is 125m or 145km larger?

145 Km is larger. The "k" signifies 1,000. So it's 125m vs 145,000m.

A square that has no sides?

If it has no sides then it cannot be a square.

Has a square got 7 sides?

no, a square has 4 sides. a cube has 6 sides.

A square with eight sides?

A square, be definition, can have only four sides: no more and no fewer. So a square with eight sides is impossible.

How many sides does a square prism have?

A square prism has six sides

What are the pairs of congruent sides for a square?

All sides of a square are congruent.

What is true about square with six sides?

A square has FOUR sides, not six.

Does a square have two pairs of parallel sides?

Yes, a square has two pairs of parallel sides.

How many parallel sides does a square have?

A square has four parallel sides (two pairs of parallel sides).

100 meters divided by 80 centimeters?


Does a square only has two perpendicular sides?

No, a square has four perpendicular sides.