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One should also check the local codes .

When I install 8" diameter waste or soil or storm lines I know I can use 1/16 in per ft BUT I have to use considerably less fixtures connected to this line then if I increased the pitch to 1/2" per ft

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Q: What is the pitch per foot for drain pipe to the sewer system for figuring correct drainage?
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How much pitching for 2 PVC pipe?

That would depend on how many drainage fixture units you want to drain and which LOCAL code your using.

Two brothers are digging a drainage ditch for a french drain around their home The ditch is to be 2 feet deep 1 foot wide and 40 feet long The older brother can dig the ditch in 14 hours The youn?

7.7 hours

How do you rectify a waterlogged area along the backyard lot line when there is no drain and the yards on all sides are higher?

The always want your yard at a slant away from your house or other buildings...preferably having some sort of drainage system would be preferrable but you might need to just pack dirt around where it is sunken to allow for a more level yard so the water will run off istead of pool in a specific area.

Dose a positive pressure drain need a trap?

A trap on a positive drain is used to avoid the 'contaminated' air in a HVAC system from traveling through the condensate line and entering into areas where it is unwanted. The trap becomes necessary when one condensate line is used for multiple units, especially if it is tied to other negative pressure drain traps. The negative pressure drain traps may not drain properly if they have to overcome the positive non- trapped pressure of another unit. It allows the condensate to drain more evenly, as well. Without a trap, the positive pressure from the unit can blow air through the drain with the water and cause 'spitting.' A trap on a positive pressure system may not always be necessary, but it is good practice to trap every drain and trap it properly. There are guidelines for both positive and negative pressure traps. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations.

What is the recommended drop in elevation for a main sewer line in a house for it to drain properly?

Anytime I have plummbed a house, I always start on the far end of the drain system and slowly drop the grade as I work my way to the main drain. Just always remember sh!t rolls downhill. goodluck

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