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Eight and four ten-thousandths

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Q: What is the place value name for 8.0004?
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Difference between place value and face value?

The difference is the PLACE VALUE is the number in standard form and the VALUE is the name of the place spot the number is in.

How do you round off 6.846 to the place value named?

Name the place value, and we'll zero in on it.

If the value of the digit in the first decimal place is tenths what is the value or name of the seveth decimal place?


Name the place value of the last digit in 46.91?

Hundredths place

What is the name of the biggest place value?

There is none. Place values go on forever.

What is the place value name of the 4 in the decimal 6.324?


What is the place value name of the 2 in the decimal 6.324?


What is the place value and value?

place value is thousand place or like it

Name the place -value position for the digit 8 in 6821354?


How the decimal place value related?

The place value is ten times that of the place value to its right.

What is the value of the 6 in 3.6930?

tenths place * * * * * That is the correct place value of the 6, but the question asked about the value, not the place value. The value of 6, which is in the tenth's place is 0.6

Why does the value of digits depend on the place value?

Because the place value means, where the digit is located with respect to a decimal point. 1 is always 1, but if you place 1 in the tens place value, then the value of that 1 is 10. In the hundreds place value, the value of that 1 is 100. In the hundredths place value, then the value of that 1 is .01.