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The Plot.

This story is set up in four parts, and all of the parts switch back and forth between two times 'now' and 'then'.

Part I. At the beginning of this book you meet Bobby. He is an African American 16 year old who is also the young father of a baby girl named Feather. We meet Bobby's mom, Feather's grandmother, who refuses to help unless she knows Bobby doesn't need it. We also meet Bobby's two best friends, K-Boy and JL, two other teenagers who despite their mischievous ways, end up being a big help and support to Bobby. Finally, we meet Nia. Nia is Feather's mother who we learn about when she is pregnant with her. She is Bobby's girlfriend and around the same age as Bobby and his friends. We also see Bobby's and Nia's parents reactions to the fact that Nia is pregnant with Bobby's baby.

Part II. In this part Bobby tells his friends about Nia being pregnant. We also start to see that there is one major person missing from all of the 'now' chapters, Nia. In the 'then' chapters we see Nia and Bobby's relationship progress more, we can see them getting closer. Also we see how Bobby and his friends were always up to some kind of hijinks. For example, one day while at school, JL and Bobby flip all of the desks in the classroom over. Nia gets really sick and has to go to the hospital, Bobby goes to the hospital and spends the night with her. This shows again how close the two are growing. Bobby gets into trouble with the police when he gets caught tagging, or spray painting, a wall.

Part III. After Bobby gets caught, the cops take him to the station. The cops call Bobby's parents, and soon Bobby's dad Fred. Then we see Nia and Bobby's relationship start to hit some speed bumps. They start to have small arguments about stupid things. Nia tells Bobby that she might be moving to New York or Georgia.

Part IV. We meet Bobby's brother, Paul, and his two nephews Nick and Nora. They live in Heaven, Ohio, Bobby talks about maybe saving up some money and moving there. Bobby and Nia go to talk about what options they have, adoption, open adoption, or keeping the baby. Bobby and Feather move in with Fred, Bobby's mom thinks that they will do better there. They decide to put the baby up for adoption, Nia, Bobby and Fred all cry. Then something horrible happens, after Bobby leaves Nia's house one day she gets into a horrible accident. Bobby runs to the hospital, to see how she is, and he finds out that due to brain damage, that was caused during child birth, she is in a permanent vegetative coma. They bring the baby, Feather out for Bobby to see. After Bobby is asked to sign the adoption papers, he couldn't bring himself to do it, so he doesn't and he keeps the baby. At the end of the story we learn that Bobby and Feather say their goodbyes and move to Heaven, Ohio in their own house close to Paul.

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Q: What is the plot of the first part last?
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