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Red wire is positive (+) and black wire is negative (-).

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Q: What is the positive wire between the red and black wire?
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Is there a difference between black wire and red wire?

Yes, the red wire is a positive wire (+) and the black wire is a negative wire (-) :D

Why does a battery snap have a red wire and a black wire?

Red wire=positive Black wire=negative

Is the red wire for plus or minus in a battery?

The red wire is Positive, (+) and the Black wire is Negative. (-)

Where are red and black wires used and why?

On an AC circuit for electric heating where no neutral wire is used, red jacketed red and black 2 wire is used. On a DC circuit red and black wires are used to differentiate between the positive and negative polarities.

Does the red wire go on the plus sign on a battery or the minus?

The red wire goes to the positive (+), and the black wire goes to the negative (-).

What is black on a car battery?

The black wire means negative and the red wire means positive if that's what you where asking

What color is the positive wire on a lawnmower battery?

The positive wire on most batteries is red. If both are black, look for the positive sign by the electrode.

Which wire colors for 12v battery?

Red to positive, black to negative

Standard automotive wire colors?

Black for negative and red for positive.

Is the red wire positive?

YesCaveatIn general, when working with DC, the red wire is positive and the black wire is negative. In the US and Canada, when working with AC, the colored wires (red, black...) are "hot", the white wire is neutral and the green or bare wire is ground.Note that the above is NOT a requirement for "switch legs".

What are the positive and negative speaker wire colors on a 2008 pathfinder?

The positive speaker wire is red while the negative speaker wire is black on a 2008 pathfinder.

How do you wire 12volt holagen light to battery?

Red is positive black is ground.

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