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73 = 343

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Q: What is the power of 7 written in exponential form that equals 343?
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What is 144 written in exponential form?

144 in exponential form is two to the forth power times three to the second power.

3 to the 4th power is written in what form?

exponential form

What is -2 to the 4th power in exponential form?

-2^4 (this equals 16)

How do you write 740 in exponential form?

740 written in exponential form is 7.4 x 10^2

How many ways can 64 be written in exponential form?

In exponential form, 64 can be expressed in at least four ways. These are 64 raised to the first power, 2 raised to the sixth power, 4 raised to the fourth power, and 8 raised to the second power.

What is one hundred billion written in exponential form?

10 to the 11th power.

What exponential form equals 8?

4 to the 2nd power that is the right answer promise

What is 8 to the 2nd power in exponential form?

8², that is the exponential form. :)

What is the exponential form for 2222?

2222 is written 2.222 x 103 in exponential form.

How do you write 144 in exponential form?


What is 9x9x9x9 in exponential form?

9x9x9x9 in exponential form is 94

What does exponential form mean in math terms?

A number is in exponential form when it is written with a base and an exponent.

What is 64 in exponential form with 2 or 3 as the exponent?

Two to the sixth power. 8 with an exponent of 2 equals 64 and 4 with an exponent of 3 equals 64

How is the exponential expression nine to the fourth power written in expanded form?

Nine to the fourth power is written as 94, and is expanded as 9 x 9 x 9 x 9.

What is the exponential form of 14?

14 to the power of 1

What is 625 written in exponential form?

In exponential form: 625 is 25^2

What is 9x9x9x9x9 in exponential form?

9 to the power 5 ( 9^5)

What is the difference between scientific notation and exponential form?

A number written in scientific form is written in the form #.##... x 10a (note exactly one number before the decimal place), where a is an integer, while a number in exponential form is written in the form bc where b is prime and c is an integer. See the following examples: * 1024 is written in scientific notation as 1.024 x 103, but in exponential form as 210. * 0.0016 is written in scientific notation as 1.6 x 10-3, but in exponential form as 5-4. * 3 is written in scientific notation as 3 x 100 and in exponential form as 31. Please, note, however, that some sources say exponential form is just another way of saying scientific notation.

How do you write X equals -8 in its exponential form?

X1 = -81

What is 16 cubed in exponential form?

2 to the power of 4

What is 1420 in exponential form as a power of 10?


Does 43 have an exponential form?

All positive integers have an exponential form. For example, 43 can also be written as 431.

What is exponent of a number in exponential form?

Give another name of exponent

Can 13 be written in exponential form?


Exponential growth and decay functions are written in standard form as Ft equals A0 bkt where A0 is an initial amount k is the growth rate and t is?