What is the predecessor of -72?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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That depends on which way you're going. It's likely to be either -71 or -73.

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Q: What is the predecessor of -72?
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What kind of product is the Zire 72?

The Zire 72 was the second personal digital assistant with an added digital camera from Palm. It replaced its predecessor, the Zire 71, which was considered a big success itself.

Is it correct to say predecessor of or predecessor to?

predecessor of

Who was Hadrian's predecessor?

Trajan was Hadrian's predecessor

Which whole number has no predecessor and which natural number has no predecessor?

There is no whole number without a predecessor. According to Peano's axioms, the number natural 0 has no predecessor.

What is the predecessor of -2?

The predecessor of -2 is -3.

What is meant by the terms predecessor event and successor event?


What is the difference between predecessor and successor when drawing activity on arrow in it project management?

Successor is the number that comes just after a particular number is called its successor.Ex: Successor of 823 is 824 , Successor of 3424 is 3425Predecessor is the number that comes just before a particular number is called its predecessor.Ex: 999 is the predecessor of 1000, 2367 is the predecessor of 2368Some more Example on Successor areSuccessor of 589 is 5903724 is 37255099 is 51007009 is 70104836 is 48376149 is 6150Some more examples on predecessor are495 is predecessor of 496999 is predecessor of 10007054 is predecessor of 70556825 is predecessor of 68263209 is predecessor of 32109998 is predecessor of 9999

Is the recognized predecessor of the Internet?

The predecessor of the internet i commonly referred to ARPANET

What system was the immediate predecessor of UNIX?

The immediate predecessor to Unix was MULTICS.

Can you give me a sentence using the word predecessor?

I was happier with this president's predecessor.

What type of person would be considered a predecessor?

To be considered a predecessor there must be certain conditions to fill. The main condition is to actually have something to succeed to for example; a prince would be the predecessor to a king or queen. The next condition is to have rights to be in the position your a predecessor for, only then can you tell if they are considered to be a predecessor

Does each natural number have a predecessor?

No. 1 does not have a predecessor: 0 is not a natural number.