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If I were to make a numeral prefix for zero, it would be "no" as in:

Nothing - zero things

Nobody - zero

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Zero is neither positive or negative

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Q: What is the prefix for the number zero?
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What is the prefix for zero?

There is no answer to the prefix for zero, but there is a few that are possible probably the best one would be "an-" like anarchy, no or zero government.

What is the suitable prefix for the word zero and less than zero?

non zero

How do you dial long distance to Australia?

Remove the leading zero of the number, then prefix it with the international code for Australia, +61

Dialling code from Kentucky to England?

Remove the leading zero of the English number, then prefix it with the code +44 or 011-44

You zero a number?

Did u mean how to make a number zero?. If so, then the answer is to make a number zero, it is needed to multiply the number with Zero .

What is a number multiplied by zero?

A number multiplied by zero is zero.

Which number when added to a number gives a sum equal to a number?

zero + zero = zero

What is the prefix for the number 3?

There is no special SI prefix for the number 3.

What is the product of a number and zero?

A number multiplied by zero equals zero.

Why zero is the ending of a number?

There is not always a zero at the end if the number. there is a zero if the number is divisible by five.

What number indicates the prefix bi?

The prefix Bi- represents the number 2.

Is the prefix giga less than zero?

Much greater.

How do you call Israel from US?

Dial 011 (international access prefix), then 972 (country code for Israel), and then the number in Israel, omitting the leading zero.

Name some properties of zero?

A number plus zero equals the original number. A number minus zero equals the original number. A number multiplied by zero equals zero. A number cannot be divided by zero. Zero is the only number that is neither positive nor negative. Zero represents the boundary between positive and negative numbers. Zero is the natural starting point on many scales, such as on thermometers. Zero is the common point of coordinate axes.

Is zero a negative number?

No. A negative number is a number below zero, not zero itself.The number zero is neither negative nor positive.

Is the number zero prime?

No, zero is not a prime number.

What is the zero property of division?

Zero divided by any number is always zero and a number cannot be divided by zero.

What is the answer if a number is multiplied by zero?

Any number multiplied by zero is equal to zero. Think of it this way - if you have 13 lots of zero, you still have zero. However many lots of zero you have, you have zero.

What is a number ending with zero called?

If a number ends with zero, it is an even number.

What happens to the hcf of 2 numbers when any one number is zero and both the numbers are zero?

Zero is tricky and is best avoided. If you're stuck with it, the GCF of zero and any other number is the other number. The GCF of zero and zero is zero.

When two numbers equal zero?

Any number minus itself equals zero. Any number plus its opposite equals zero. Any number times zero equals zero.

Do you need a number zero?

Yes because, without zero there couldn't be any number with a zero in it.

Is zero a imagery number?

Zero is a rational number, not imaginary.

Is zero a natural number or a whole number?

Zero is both.

Can an numbers absolute value be zero?

The only number whose absolute value is zero is zero. This is because a number's absolute value is its distance from zero on the number line.