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The range is very sensitive to outliers. Indeed if there are outliers then the range will be unrelated to any other elements of the sample.

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Q: What is the primary disadvantage of using the range to compare the variability of data sets?
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Is range a measure of variability?

Yes. The greater the range, the greater the variability.

What is the disadvantage of using the range to compare the variability of data sets?

The range depends only on the two extreme values. It does not distinguish between the cases where the remaining values are all clustered around the middle, or all are at either extreme or are evenly spread out between the extremes, or distributed according to some other pattern.

What is Median to range as central tendency is to?


What is the pattern of a variability within a data set called?

The range, inter-quartile range (IQR), mean absolute deviation [from the mean], variance and standard deviation are some of the many measures of variability.

What is cultural variability?

it is a range of variations between cultures.

Does variability include mean median mode and range?

No, it does not

The interquartile range is used as a measure of variability to overcome what difficulty of the range?

the range influences the extreme

What is variability in math terms?

range,mode ,mean and cluster

What does variability mean in math?

Variability is an indicationof how widely spread or closely clustered the data valuesnare. Range, minimum and maximum values, and clusters in the distribution give some indication of variability.

Which measure of variability is used most often in conjunction with the mean?


How does finding the IQR hep you identify the variability of set of data?

The IQR gives the range of the middle half of the data and, in that respect, it is a measure of the variability of the data.

What is the measurement of variability that is most distorted by the presence of outliers?

The range is most distorted.

Why might the range not be the best estimate of variability?

Because answer will definitely fall within the range but not necessarily group together evenly throughout the whole range.

What is the primary mountain range in Europe?

The primary mountain range in Europe is the Alps.

What is the definition for variability in math terms?

An indication of how widely spread or closely clustered the data values are. Range, minimum and maximum values, and clusters in distribution give some indication of variability.

Advantage and disadvantage of range?

The range is easy to calculate. However, it's extremely sensitive to outliers.

Is a mountain range a primary landform or a secondary landform?


What is a synonym for 'variety'?

collection, diversity, assortment, selection, multiplicity, array, range, mixture, change, variability, variation

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What is the simplest measure of variability in a data set?

In a small data set, the range. However, I would not like to try and find the range for the volume of rain drops, or the size of sand grains!

What is a better measure of variability range or standard deviation?

The standard deviation is better since it takes account of all the information in the data set. However, the range is quick and easy to compute.

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