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The answer will depend on the population which is being studied.

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Is relaxes a noun or action verb?

The word 'relaxes' is the third person, singular, present of the verb to relax, a word for the act of relaxing.Some classical music relaxes me on my drive home from work.A noun is a word for a person, place, or thing. The noun form for the verb to relax is the gerund, relaxing.I need a chair designed for relaxing.

The probability that i am late for work is 0.4 what is the probability that i am not late for work?

the probability is 1(being the maximum)- the probability you have allredy got. the answer is 0.6

Does the BF generator work?


Does muscles only work when it relaxes?

Muscle does not only work when it relaxes it also works when your stressed because muscle helps your body relax from that stress.. You may not know what I'm talking about but its true!

How do muscles work in antagonistic pairs?

When one muscle pulls, the other muscle relaxes.

What does it mean for muscles to work in opposing pairs?

the answer is when one muscle contracts the other relaxes

What does muscles work in pairs mean?

Muscles work in pairs with one muscle contracting as the other relaxes. A simple example is the biceps and triceps on the upper arm. This is an antagonistic pair. When the biceps contracts the forearm moves towards the biceps and the triceps relaxes to allow the movement. When the triceps contracts the forearm moves away from the upper arm as the biceps relaxes.

Does Survey Monkey for Neopets works?

As long it is neopets it can work but don't put gravy on the survey monkey!

How does the triceps and biceps work together to straighten your arm?

they are antagonistic. when one relaxes, one contracts

What is the probability of your birthday being the same as mine?

The probability of two people's birthday being the same is actually more likely than many would think. The key thing is to note that it doesn't matter what the first person's birthday is. All we need to work out is the probability that the second person has a birthday on any specific day. This probability is 1/365.25 The probability that they were born on June 10th is 1/365.25. The probability that they were born on February 2nd is 1/365.25 and the probability that they were born on the same day as you is 1/365.25

Where do mineralogist work?

they work outside were minerals are found or at the u.s geological survey

How does the total station work?

there are many total station machine with different specification. now gps, robotic total station available they work with one person. easy way to survey of land.

Should the numbers for the experimental probability be close to the theoretical probability?

Not necessarily. There may not even be a way to work out a theoretical probability. Furthermore, there is always a chance, however small, that the experimental probability is way off.

Do skeletal muscles always work in antagonistic pairs is this true or false?

True, muscles always work where one contract another relaxes.

What is an ordnance survey and how does it work?

You would use an ordnance survey like you would use any map. It also has the necessary information a person would need to fire artillery pieces over long distances using range and bearing calculations.

Why are massage techniques used in hairdressing?

Because it helps work the product into the hair and also relaxes the client .

What does the arm do when the bicep relaxes?

muscles work in pairs so when the bicep relaxes the tricep contracts, these actions create elbow extention (arm lowering) creating an objuce angle- lowering stage in a bicep curl

How do paid survey sites work?

Basically, they get paid for you filling out the survey and then you get paid for doing the same thing but you get less money.

When was the Doomsday Book written?

From the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, it is known that the planning for the survey was conducted in 1085, and from the colophon of the book it is known that the survey was completed in 1086. It is not known when exactly Domesday Book was compiled, but the entire work appears to have been copied out by one person.

Does a muscle relax when it contracts?

Muscles that work together are called antagonistic muscles. here is an example of an antagonistic muscle pair: the elbow joint, when the bicep contracts, the triceps relaxes whereas, when the bicep relaxes the triceps contracts

How do the flexor and extensor muscles work together in the body?

The flexor contracts whilst the extensor relaxes causing movement

Luis answers his work phone and the person on the other end asks him to participate in a phone survey?

The question of whether to participate in a phone survey or not is entirely up to the participant. Some surveys may offer compensation or rewards to participants while others are entirely free.

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