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A hypothesis that can't be tested, can't be proved.

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Q: What is the problem with a hypothesis that can't be tested?
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A prediction about a problem that can be tested is an?


What do you call the prediction to a problem that will be tested?

The "hypothesis"

What is an explanation for a question or problem and can be formally tested?

A hypothesis.

What is a prediction about a problem that can be tested to find out if it's true?

The hypothesis.

What the state problem of the strange case of beriberi?

the problem was that a disease of beriberi attacked people

A prediction about a problem that can be tested?

That would be an hypothesis. After a body of research is completed, and the original prediction is no longer in much doubt, the hypothesis may rise to the status of theory.Yupp! The answer is: a hypothesis

What id the difference between observation and hypothesis?

a hypothesis is a statement to a certain opinion whereas a problem is an issue between 1 or more people the most significant difference between problem and hypotheses is a hypotheses can be tested but a problem can not ,as problem is just question.a question can not be tested unless it is not transferred in to hypotheses

What is the meaning of form a hypothesis?

To form an explanation for an observation or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation.

How can a hypothesis be tested?

observe it ,when there is a quick the reactions in the problem you've been solving..

How is a hypothesis is tested?

conducting experiment

What is tested in an experiment?

A hypothesis is tested by an experiment. A hypothesis is an estimate or guess about an outcome. The experiment proves whether the hypothesis is correct or not correct.

How can you tested an hypotesis?

A hypothesis can be tested by an experiment