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Q: What is the process of bringing a group into equal membership in society?
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What is the process used by Archimedes to determine the volume of a sphere with equal weights?

THE Method of Equilibrium

When all the items in a population have an equal chance orocesss f being selected for a sample the process is called?

Random Sampling.

What made American society far more equal than Britain's but apparently less equal than it had been in the seventeenth century?

In American society during the 16oo's the gap between rags and riches was easier to jump. It compares to Britain with the fact that in Britain they had the king who appointed a lot of things. ''The crown made the choices.'' Americans had a better chance to become wealthy. If you bought a slaves you could easily become wealthy. Though many wealthy people did not want to intermingle with poor people. You also have to account the harshest society class of African American slaves.

What is the symmetry principle?

The Symmetry Principle asserts equal opportunity rather than basic equality. Robert Nozick argued in his book Anarchy, State, and Utopia (1974) that results are irrelevant to the idea of fair resource allocation - it is the fairness of the rules by which society operates that is important. He suggests two rules:1) Governments must recognise and protect private property2) Private property must be given from one party to another only when voluntarily done so.Under these rules the results will be fair, but not necessarily equal. The idea of symmetry therefore arises from the idea that an individuals' contribution to society/the economy will equal their compensation.

What means equitization?

Equalization is the act of making equal or uniform, to balance the amplitude of an electronic circuit. Equalization is the process of adjusting the balance between frequency components within an electronic signal.

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What process assumes that individual freedoms outweigh the rights of even the victims or society?

No such process assumes this to be a true statement. In the US all citizens are considered to be equal under the law. -Supposedly-

What is the equal of Muslim society?

every one is equal

Is the UK an equal society?


What is the difference between a free society and a slave society?

In a free society everyone was free and equal there were no slaves but a slave society everyone isn't created equal and others who are considered inferior are forced to serve others.

Who has membership based on equality in US congress?

The United States Senate has equal membership from each state. The Senate is comprised of two Senators from each of the fifty states.

In the movie separate but equal what were the dangers of bringing the case to court?

The KKK could have killed people

Is it possible to have a society of equal members?

Is society equal today?

Society can never be labeled equal as much as we would like it to be. To say that society is equal would be humorous. If we were all equal we would have all the same jobs look exactly the same act the same and well every aspect of us would be the same. Since this would never happen we can't truly say we are equal. An example of inequality is the division of Social Classes or the Division of Power. So the answer is No we are not equal by definition.

Women in society?

Women in society differ depending on their individual characteristics. Women are beginning to have equal roles in society. Their roles are not just limited to the family.

How did Mother Teresa create a more equal society?

To Reader,Mother Teresa created a more equal society in India. Therefore she tried to make and help India in anyway.From India123girl

What issue split the feminist movement into factions in the 1920s?

The equal rights amendment The right of women to hold membership in the AFL

The goal of a command system is?

to make members of society more equal