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By factoring I get x-3 divided by x+3

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Q: What is the product of four x squared minus one over two x squared minus five x minus three and x squared minus six x plus nine over two x squared plus five x minus three?
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What is the inverse of x squared minus five?

x squared plus 5

What is negative point seven five x squared plus five x minus four?

54.3 squared

Five squared minus ten equals x?


What is the answer for the quantity six squared plus three times ten point five end quantity minus eight point two?


What is five minus three and five eighths?

One and three eigths

What is five minus three eighths?

Five minus 3/8 is 4 5/8

What is five and two thirds minus two and three fourths?

(five and two thirds) minus (two and three fourths) = 2.91666667

What is the answer to eight minus three and five elevens?

the answer is five and five elevens

What is eight minus three?


What is positive five minus 2 plus three?

Positive five minus 2 plus three is equal to six.

What is three fourths minus five tenths?

Three fourths minus five tenths is one fourth.

What is 9 minus five plus five times zero plus three?


What is seven and two thirds minus three and five six?

three and five sixths

How do you factor x cubed minus five x squared plus x minus 5?

(x - 5)(x^2 + 1)

How do you factor x squared minus five X minus 36?

x2-5x-36 = (x-9)(x+4) when factored

What is the simplified form of five times fourteen minus two squared divided by two?


How do you factor 5x squared minus forty-five?

5(x - 3)(x + 3)

What is x squared plus five x minus fourteen?

The answer is: X1 = 2 X2 = -7

Can you solve x squared minus six plus five equals zero?


What is the product of four squared and five?

It is: 42 times 5 = 80

Three and five eighths minus one?

Two and five eighths

What is thirteen minus five and three eighths?

seven and five eights

What is five x squared minus twenty seven x minus eighteen factored?

5x2 - 27x - 18 = (5x + 3)(x - 6)

Four squared two minus five squared three?

Apart from writing out the answer it is hard to help you because we do not know what the difficulty is here: 422 is 16x2, and 523 is 25x3 and the difference is 43. Or perhaps you mean 4xsquared 2 - 5x squared 3, but even then we don't know what the difficulty is.

What is five times three minus three plus one?


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