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That is the commutative property of equality.

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Q: What is the property for xy equals 1 xy?
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Related questions

What property is xz plus zy equals xy?

It cannot be a property since it is not generally true!

If xy equals x or yx equals x what is y?

xy = x ÷x y = 1

Find the coordinate of X if XY equals 1 and the coordinate of Y is 0?

If Y = 0 then there is no value of X such that XY = 1.

If x equals 0 and y equals 1 what is the value of xy?

"xy" refers to the product of "x" and "y". Just substitute the variables for numbers, and do the multiplication.

Implicit differentiation of xy plus x equals 2?

It equals y+1

If x equals -8 and xy equals 1 then what does y equal?

-1/8 -8*-1/8 = 1

If x equals -8 and xy equals 1 what does y equal?

So far you know that: x=-8 xy=1 so xy means x times y. If you split xy. y=1/x or y=1/-8 1/-8= -0.125 You can find out that this is correct with the formula xy=1 because -0.125 x -8 is 1.

X plus XY equals 8 solve for Y?

x+xy=8 xy=-x+8 y=-1+8/x

If xz plus zy equals xy and xz equals zy then the point z is?

mid point of xy

What is the property of 1 plus 0 equals 1?

zero property

What are the solutions to the equations 3x -5y equals 16 and xy equals 7?

Equations: 3x-5y = 16 and xy = 7 Solutions: (7, 1) and (-5/3, -21/5)

If xy plus y equals z then x equals?

xy + y = z xy = z - y (xy)/y = (z - y)/y x = (z - y)/y

Which property tells you that 7x1 equals 1?

indentity property

What is the property of 8 plus 1 equals 1 plus 8?

The Commutative property.

The only integer n where n equals xy equals yx and x does not equal y?

This gives us the equations: n = xy = yx x != y (Note that for this example, the != stands for not equal to similar to some programming languages.) xy always equals yx due to the communtative property of multiplication. So there are actually an infinite number of answers. Some are given below: 6 = (2)(3) = (3)(2), 2 != 3 12 = (3)(4) = (4)(3), 3 != 4

Is -1 equals xy a linear?

You mean -1 = xy , right? If we think of y against x, then it's like y = -1/x .... It's not linear. But if we consider y against 1/x , it's linear....

What property is 0 plus 7.5 equals 7.5?

The property is identity property of addition. This property states that any number plus 0 equals that number. identity property of multiplication states that any number times 1 equals that number.

What type of property is 5x1 equals 5?

The multiplicative property of 1.

Which property tells you that 7 times 1 equals 7?

The property of 1 as the multiplicative identity.

What property is 22.1 equals 22?

22*1 = 22 is the property of 1 as the multiplicative identity.

What are the points of intersection between the equations of 3x -5y equals 16 and xy equals 7?

If 3x -5y = 16 and xy = 7 then by combining both equations into a single quadratic equation and solving it then the points of intersection are at (-5/3, -21/5) and (7, 1)

What is xy-2 when x equals 5 and y equals 4?


How do you factor 1 minus x4y4?

(1 - x4y4) = (1 + x2y2)*(1 - x2y2) = (1 + x2y2)*(1 + xy)*(1 - xy)

26 times 1 equals 26 is which property?

It is the property that 1 is the identity element under multiplication.

What property is 8 plus 1 equals 1 plus 8?

Commutative Property