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10/5 = 8/4

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Q: What is the proportation of ten over k equal eight over four?
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Is four over eight less than two over four?

no it is equal

Is one over three equal to four over eight?

NO one over three is a third and four over eight is a half.

What is four over thirty two equal to?

it equals eight * * * * * No, it does not! Four over thirty two equals an eighth or one over eight!

What does eight over twenty-four equal?


What is four over five multiplied by three over eight equal?

0.3 or 3 over 10.

What is negative 2 over 8 simplified?

Negative eight over two is equal to negative four.

Is three over eight one over four equal?

no 3/8 does not equal 1/4. 2/8 would be equivalent to 1/4

How many eighths are the same as four sixths?

Four sixths is equal to five and one third over eight. It is okay if a fraction has a a fraction in it.

What does four over four equal?


What is four over seven equal to?

Four sevenths

What is equal to fifteen over eight?


What does three over 4 plus four over eight equal?

3/4 + 4/8 = 3/4 + 2/4 = 5/4 = one and a quarter.