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There are many examples: 4:5, 24:30, 36:45, or 48:60. Was this helpful?

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Q: What is the proportion that has 12 to 15 as a ratio?
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What ratio forms a proportion with 12 7?

1.17:1 is the ratio which forms a proportion of 12:7

Which ratio is the same proportion as 21 36?


Which ratio forms a proportion with 12 over 20?

12/20 = 3/5

What is a proportion in math?

A proportion is a statement built up of two ratios. A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. EX: Ratio- a:b or a/b EX: Proportion- 12/16=3/4 or 12:16=3:4

Who invented ratio and proportion?

ratio & proportion was explored by an ancient Greek-golden Ratio

What is the ratio of 12 and 15?

The ratio is 4:5

What is the difference between a ratio and a proportion?

a ratio is a comparison between 2 things and a proportion is a ratio on each side of the = sign

What is the ratio of 15 to 12?

15:12 is the same as 5:4 ; [you divide both sides by 3]

Does 312 624 form a proportion?

It depends on what that is. 312 : 624 is a ratio. 3 : 12 = 6 : 24 is a proportion.

How is converting a ratio to percent the same as solving a proportion?

Converting a ratio to a percent is not the same as solving a proportion.

What is 1 over 10 as a proportion?

A proportion is (one ratio) equal to (another ratio). 1/10 is only one ratio. Without another ratio, there's nothing you can do to it to make a proportion.

What ratio forms a proportion with 5 2?

10 4, 15 6, just multiply it by a number

What is the meaning of ratio and proportions?

A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. We generally separate the two numbers in the ratio with a colon (:). Suppose we want to write the ratio of 8 and 12.We can write this as 8:12 or as a fraction 8/12, and we say the ratio is eight to twelve while A proportion is an equation with a ratio on each side. It is a statement that two ratios are equal.3/4 = 6/8 is an example of a proportion.When one of the four numbers in a proportion is unknown, cross products may be used to find the unknown number. This is called solving the proportion. Question marks or letters are frequently used in place of the unknown number.

How are ratio and proportion related?

A proportion is the same as a ratio, but it must be focused on one unit per something. Ratios can be any comparison

What is 12 out of 15 has as fraction?

It is any ratio of the form (12*k)/(15*k) where k is a non-zero integer, or a common factor of 12 and 15.

What is the ratio of 12 and 45?

12:45 and if you simplify it , it becomes 4:15

How do you write ratio 7 to 12 in simplest form?

7:12 is a proportion, the total amount is 7+12=19, so the amounts as fractions are: 7/19 and 12/19

What is the proportion by mass of carbon to oxygen in carbon monoxide?

The Mr of Carbon monoxide (CO) is 28, since Ar of Carbon is 12 and Ar of Oxygen is 16. Then proportion by mass will be simple ratio of 12 to 16 giving 3:4

What is the ratio number of 15 over 12?


What is the answer of direct and partitive proportion example 12 oranges cost 65.00 the cost of 15 oranges is?

81.25 for 15 oranges

Is the ratio 12 to 5 equivalent to 5 to 17?

No, it is not equivalent. Think of it this way. If you had £12 and I had £5 then you would have money in the ratio of 12 to 5 compared to me. If you then only had £5 and I had £17 (which represents the new ratio of 5 to 17) you would not agree that this was equivalent as a proportion (you would rightly feel that you had lost out)!

What is the synonym for the word fraction?

ratio, proportion

What is a math proportion?

The part or ratio of something

Proportion of one thing to another?


What maths do a chefs use?

Ratio and Proportion

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