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Q: What is the psi at 8000 ft altitude?
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How many squared meters in 8000 squared feet?

1 ft = 0.3048 m (exactly) ⇒ 8000 sq ft = 8000 x (1 sq ft) = 8000 x (1 ft x 1 ft) = 8000 x (0.3048 m x 0.3048 m) = 743.22432 sq m ≈ 743.22 sq m

If a jet plane is flying at an altitude of 8000 meters drops 600 meters what is the new altitude?


Why do some people get altitude sickness in the mountains but not on an airplane?

In a plane, the cabin is pressurized to about the equivalent of 8000 ft altitude (though you are actually flying at about 35000-40000 ft). This is at the lower end of the altitudes when one might experience altitude sickness, but since a flight lasts only a few hours and passengers usually are sitting down (and therefore not causing stress to their bodies), altitude sickness is rare and if experienced would probably not be severe enough to be recognized as altitude sickness.

What does 8000 square feet convert to in acres?

Answer: 8000 ft² = 0.183654 acres.

What clouds form between 2000 m and 8000 m in altitude?

Most are cumulus clouds.

8000 feet equals how many square meters?

Answer: 8000 ft² = 743.224 m²

How is 8000 square feet converted to meters squared?

Answer: 8000 ft² = 743.224 m²

How many square feet in 8000 square meters?

Answer: 8000 m² = 86,111.283 ft²

What is the pressure on Mars?

0.0044 PSI depending on the altitude...this is the lightest pressure there.

How does the altitude of Richmond VA compare to the altitude of Staunton VA?

The altitude of Richmond VA is approximately 150 ft. and that of Staunton VA is approximately 1086 ft.

What is the water pressure in psi for 900 ft?

The water pressure at a depth of 900 ft is approximately 390 psi.

A jetliner is cruising at an altitude of 31680 ft What is the altitude in miles?

The altitude of the jetliner is 6 miles.