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Q: What is the radius for mobile cell on earth curvature?
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What does mobile to mobile entail?

It means cell phone to cell phone.

What is a mobile or minute male sex cell?

The small, mobile male sex cell is the sperm cell.

how can i upgraded my boost mobile cell phones?

how can i upgrade my boost mobile cell phones and how much is it?

How can search any mobile with Google earth?

you have to go on it on your cell and then when u scroll down you will see this thing that says download on cell you probally need to put your cell in and it probally will cost money but there's the answer.

What does mobile to mobile mean?

It means a call from one cell (mobile) phone to another cell (mobile) phone. Some companies offer free calls from one mobile to another mobile phone using the same service.

What is the difference between a cell and a mobile?

A cell phone and a mobile phone are usually considered to be the same thing.

What is the difference between cell phone and mobile phone?

Cell phone is "American English" for a Mobile phone.

Difference between mobile and cell phones?

The term 'mobile' phone is more commonly used in the UK. 'Cell Phones' are mobile phones, but the term 'cell phone' is more common in the USA .

Where can I purchase a T-Mobile cell phone?

you can buy atmobile mobile phone at the following websites and and

What is the other name for phone?

mobile, mobile device, cell, handheld.

Can you charge mobile battery using torch cell?

No, you can not charge a mobile battery using torch cell. <<>>> i think charger need and mobile the same. also battery.

What is the radius of a red blood cell?

0.00038mm or 0.000015''

What is the maximum cell radius in WCDMA?

200 km.

How does data travel from mobile to mobile?

Using radio waves to a cell tower and then from cell tower to cell tower via a high speed packet switching network.

What is meant by cell?

A small, secure room in which a prisoner can be confined. The smallest structural, functional and biological unit of all organisms. A in intersection of a column and a row in a spreadsheet. The radius of transmission/reception for a mobile telephone.

What is slang for mobile phone?


What is a small mobile?

A cell phone

Where can one obtain a T Mobile prepaid plan?

T-Mobile prepaid plans can be obtained by purchasing a T-Mobile prepaid cell phone. After you have purchased your T-Mobile prepaid cell phone, simply activate it.

Why are cell phones called mobiles?

because they are a mobile version of the original concept (land line telephone) which were a stationary object. But a cell phone is a "mobile" version of a landline so they called it a mobile telephone or a "mobile" for short :-)

Who coined the term cell for mobile phones?

Workers at Advanced Mobile Phone System are the ones who coined the term cellular for mobile phones. Cell was adopted later on as an abbreviation to cellular.

Is a T-Mobile cell phone any good?

I think T-Mobile has great cell phone options. They are affordable and are some of the top brands of cell phones.

What is T-mobile mobile to mobile calling?

Cellhub is one stop destination for the cell phone deals from T-mobile and offers a variety of cell phone deals of latest smartphones from Blackberry, Motorola, HTC etc.

Which companies offer a mobile phone without a contract?

Some cell phone companies that offer cell phone service with no contract are Cricket Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Tracfone, and Powernet Mobile.

Do you say mobile or cell phone on resume?

You can say either cell phone or mobile phone on a resume. Either will be acceptable and will be understood by the reader.

What is the British English for cell phone?

In British usage a cell phone is commonly known as a "mobile phone". This may be shortened to just "mobile".

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