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Assuming you meant 290 square meters of area.

Area = pi*r2

290 m2 = pi *r2

divide 290 by pi

92.30987 = r2

take square root each side

9.61 meters = radius


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Q: What is the radius of a circle of 290 sq meters?
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What is the area of a circle whose radius is twenty meters?

It is 1256.6 sq metres, approx.

How many square meters in a circle with radius of 12.2 meters?

Area = pi*r2 = 467.6 sq metres, approx.

What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 2 meters?

π square meters ~= 3.14m2. Area circle = πr2 radius = diameter/2 => radius = 2m/2 = 1m => area = π x 12 = π sq m

What is the radius of the area of a circle that is 380 sq inches?

The radius of a circle with an area of 380 sq inches is 11 inches.

How many sq inches in a 6 circle?

Area of a circle: pi*radius*radius

How many hectares in a 50km radius?

do you mean "How many hectares in a circle of 50 km radius?" area is 7,854 sq meters or 0.7854 hectare

How many sq ft in a ten foot circle?

Calculations when converted to SI system of units. 10 feet = 3.048 meters Formula is S=Pi*R^2 Pi~= 3.14 Ambiguous - ten feet is diameter, radius or length of a circle? if it's 10 feet radius, then S=3.14*3.048^2=29.1715546 sq meters or 314 square feet Assuming it is diameter, radius is would be half of it - 5 feet or 1.524 meter. S=3.14*1.524^2=7.29288864 sq meters or 78.5 square feet If it is the length of circle, the formula to get the radius is r=c/2Pi=3.048/(2*3.14)=0.485350318 meters or 1.59235669 feet Area then is S=3.14*0.485350318^2=0.739673884 sq meters or 7.96178342 sq feet

Area of circle with diameter of 24 meters?

If Diameter = 24 m then Radius = 12 m Area of a circle = πr2 = π 122 = 144π = 452.39 sq ms

What is the radius of a circle with an area of 100 meters?

It is not possible to have a circle with an area of 100 metres. Areas must be measured in square units, such as square metres. Assuming that the circle had an area of 100 sq metres, its radius would be 5.64 metres (to 2 dp).

If the radius of a circle is 4 cm what is the area of the circle?

4 cm radius = Area of 50.26548 sq. cm.

What is sq ft of a 36ft circle?

Area of a circle = pi*radius squared

What is the area of a circle with a radius of 2 meters Use twenty-two sevenths for pi?

area = π x radius^2 ≈ 22/7 x 2^2 sq m = 88/7 sq m = 12 4/7 sq m ≈ 12.57 sq m