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If the radius (not raduis) is 25 feet then the diameter is 50 feet.

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Q: What is the raduis of 25 feet what is the diameter?
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What is the raduis of the diameter is 9?

If the diameter is 9 units then the radius (not raduis) is 4.5 units.

Length of a raduis?

The length of a radius (not raduis) is diameter/2.

What would be the raduis of a circle with a diameter of 8 inches?

A circle with a diameter of 8 inches has a radius (not raduis) of 4 inches.

How many daimeter goes around raduis?

Assuming daimeter = diameter and raduis = radius, 1 diameter = 2*radius.

What is the raduis of a 10.8 circle?

Assuming the diameter is 10.8 then the radius (not raduis) is 5.4 units.

What is the diameter of a circle with raduis of four and quarter?

Diameter is 8 and a half

If you are given the radius how do you find the diameter?

To find diameter, multiply raduis by two.

How is the relation ship between diameter and raduis expreesed?

diameter = 2*radius

How do you find the diameter given the raduis?

Multiply by 2 ! A radius is half a diameter !

If the diameter of a circle is 36 in what is the radius?

the diameter of a circle is from one side of the circle to the other, and the raduis is always half, because the raduis is from the side to the middle, so the answer is 18

What is the formula to get diameter?

well if you have a radius then u just multiply the raduis by two and you get your diameter

How many diameters goes around a raduis?

A diameter of a circle (or sphere) is a straight line which is twice as long as its radius (not raduis).