What is the range of integers?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: What is the range of integers?
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Are the domain and range values of a sequence positive integers?

The domain is, but the range need not be.

What is the range of y equals 8x-3?


What integers are less than negative 3?

The integers less than -3 range from -4 to -infinity.

What are all the integers between -1.41 and 1.71?

Integers are whole numbers, including negative whole numbers. The integers in the range -1.41 to 1.71 are -1, 0 and 1.

Is y equals negative one a function why or why not?

It depends on what the domain and the range are. If the range is the positive integers, then the mapping is not even defined.

How many positive 3 digit integers are divisible by neither 2 nor 3?

100 to 999 is your range. there are 900 integers in this range. 450 are not divisble by 2 ( the odd ones). 600 are not divisble by 3. half of these are even so only an additional 300 integers are not divisble by 3 alone. so 450 & 300 =750

How many positive three-digit integers are divisible by neither 2 or 3?

the range of three-digit integers is from 100 to 999. Therefore, there are 300 positive three-digit integers that are divisible by neither 2 nor 3.1 day ago

Give three sets having exactly two common elements.?

Integers in the range 0-10. Squares in the range 0-10. Cubes in the range 0-10. Common elements are {0,1}

How many integers in 1.1000 are divisible by 2?

500 numbers in the range [1, 1000] are divisible by 2.

What are the patterns in prime numbers?

There are no true patterns in prime number distribution. A number of near-patterns have been found. They cover a limited range of integers, and are not 100% good even in their range.

Which is greater the rational numbers or set of integers?

Within a given range, the set of rational numbers is greater. Without a given range, both sets are infinite and a comparison is not very helpful.

Can an integer be negative?

Integers are whole numbers that go from negative infinity to positive infinity. As such, they do cover the negative range of the number line.