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Q: What is the ratio of 18 and 27 written as a fraction in lowest term?
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What is the ratio 18 to 27 written as a fraction in lowest term?

It is: 2/3

What is ratio fraction lowest term 100 to 30?

10 to 3

How is 0.15 written as a fraction in its lowest term's?


How is 57 percent written in lowest term?

57 percent = 57% = 57/100 in fraction in lowest term

What is the lowest term fraction ratio fo 30 ft to 60 ft?

It is 1 to 2.

What is the ratio of 30 minutes to 50 minutes in lowest term fraction?


Do you have to simplify a ratio?

This depends on the context. However, it is good practice to reduce a ratio or a fraction to its lowest possible term. The only time you wouldn't simplify a ratio or fraction is if it signified something in its original state.

What is a lowest-term fraction?

The lowest-term fraction can be obtained by finding the denominator and numerator by GCF. The lowest fraction can not be further reduced.

What ia 0.004 written as a fraction of a percent in lowest term?

0.004% as a reduced fraction is 1/25000

2.66 as lowest term fraction?

2.66 as a lowest term fraction is 133/50

Express 0.8 as a fraction in its lowest term?

To convert a decimal to a fraction, write it as a decimal fraction. Hence 0.8 / 1.0 Notice we write it over 1.0. We always write it over '1 point' and since the decimal is to only one decimal place we only write in one zero. Hence 0.8 / 1.0 Cancel down the decimal point, hence 08/10 Ignore the prefixed zero' to the '8'. Hence 8/10 Since both '8' and '10' are even numbers we can cancel down by '2' Hence 8/10 = 4/5 This will not cancel any further as '5' is a prime number. It follows that 0.8 = 4/5 NB If the decimal is to two/three decimal places then you write in 'two/three' zeroes. e.g. 0.88 = 0.88/1.00 or 0.888 = 0.888 / 1.000 And then proceed as above.

What is the lowest term of 4 percent in a ratio?

the lowest term of 4 percent in a ratio is 1:25

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