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Q: What is the ratio of 3 pieces apple to a dozen?
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What is the ratio of 4 pieces to a dozen?

A dozen is 12 so the ratio is 1 to 3.

How many dozen is 36 pieces?

There are 3 dozen because a dozen equals 12 pieces

What is the ratio of 3 score to 4 dozen?

3 score = 60 and 4 dozen = 48 so the ratio is 5 to 4

What is the ratio between 3 dozen and 2 score?

3 dozen = 3x12=36 2 score = 2x20=40 ratio 36/40=9/10=9:10

What is the ratio of a dozen to a score?

It is 12 to 20 or 3 to 5 simplified.

What is the ratio of 3 apple on a table to 6 apple in a bowl?


What is the ratio between a dozen and a score?

A dozen is twelve. A score is twenty. 12 to 20=6/10=3/5

Share 2 apples among three people equally?

only if you can cut each of the apple in 3 or 6 pieces if you cut in 3 pieces each, each person would have 2 pieces of apple if you cut in 6 pieces each, each person would have 4 pieces of apple

What is aspact ratio?

How one amount compares to another. Example: For every apple there is, there are 3 oranges aspect ratio: 1:3

A 3 foot stick is broken into two pieces the ratio of the two peices is 57 how big are the two pieces?

If you mean a ratio of 5 to 7 then the two pieces are 15 inches and 21 inches

What is the ratio of 64 into 3 to 5?

If the question is to divide 64 into two pieces in the ratio 3 to 5, then divide it into 8 pieces and take three for one collection and five pieces for the other. The pieces when you divide 64 by 8 are 8 so you want 3 eights and 5 eights. Answer is 24 and 40.


Cut every apple in 7 equal pieces making it a total of 21 equal pieces. Then give everyone 3 pieces.

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