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Q: What is the ratio of arc time to total time?
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WHAT IS The ratio of on time to total time?

The ratio of on time to total time is the percentage of time that an event or activity is done correctly or according to schedule, out of the total time available. This ratio is often used to measure efficiency and reliability in various processes.

What is average acceleration?

Average acceleration is the change in velocity over a specific time period. It is calculated by dividing the change in velocity by the time taken for that change to occur. Average acceleration provides information about how quickly the velocity of an object is changing.

Define duty cycle?

Duty cycle is the percentage of time a system is active or in the "on" state compared to the total time of operation. It is commonly used in electronics to describe the ratio of the time a signal is high (on) to the total period of the signal. A 50% duty cycle means the signal is on half the time and off half the time.

What is the value of a ratio?

The value of a ratio is the total

Productivity is the ratio of and .?

Total factor productivity is the ratio of total value added and the total cost of inputs.

If the debt-equity ratio is 1.0 then the total debt ratio is?

The total debt ratio is .5; total debt would be .5 as well as total equity (both added together equal 1). Total debt ratio = .5 (total debt)/.5 (total equity)= 1.

What is the Arc speed for Shielded Metal Arc welding SMAW?

arc efficiency=heat developed at anode/total heat developed

How to convert time to arc and arc to time?

time to arc multiply by 15 the degree to find the number of hours divide by 4 to get the munite divide by 15 to get tne seconds

How do you find the radius when only the arc length and degree are given?

2*pi*r/Arc length = 360/Degreesince both are a ratio of the whole circle to the arc.Simplifying,r = 360*Arc Length/(2*pi*Degree) = 180*Arc Length/(pi*Degree)

What is the total debt of 1233837 and total assets of 2178990 what is the firms debt to equity ratio?

Debt equity ratio = total debt / total equity debt equity ratio = 1233837 / 2178990 * 100 Debt equity ratio = 56.64%

What is non current assets to total assets ratio?

Fixed assets to total assets ratio describe about the percentage or number of time fixed assets are of total assets. It helps the management to find out that either they are maintaining proper fixed assets and current assets ratio or there may be any changes required in the ratio which is to be maintained because if they maintain high ratio it will affect the depreciation expense and ultimately net income as well.

How do you calculate arc measures?

In degrees because an arc is part of the circumference of a circle which has a total of 360 degrees