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It may be called concentration.

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Q: What is the ratio of solute to solvent called?
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What is the optimum ratio of solute to solvent that will produce maximum cooling effect?

The ratio depends on the solvent and solute. Each solvent-solute combination has its own eutectic point.

What is a ratio of a solute to a solvent is?

This is the concentration of the solute in the solution.

Why would a solution be called isotonic?

A solution with the same ratio of solute to solvent (concentration) as another solution is called isotonic. If it has more solvent and thus a lower solute concentration, then it is called hypertonic.

What is the term for a substance dissolved in water?

It is called a solute, which is dissolved in a solvent

The substance that dissolves in the solvent in a solution?

The substance that is dissolved in a solution is a solute. A solvent is the dissolving medium in a solution.

What happens to an solute?

A solute is a substance that dissolves into another substance(called a solvent) and forms a solution.

What is part of the homogeneous mixture?

solute and solvent in fixed ratio

List three factors that determine the rate of formation of a solution?

- temperature - pressure - stirring - the granulation of the solute - the nature of the solvent - the addition of other substances - the volume of the solvent (and the ratio solute/solvent) - etc.

Is a solvent the substance that dissolves the solute?

Yes because the solute gets dissolved when put in the solvent

What is the substance that dissolves to make a solution?

The substance that dissolves is called the "solute" and the substance that the solute dissolves in is called the "solvent".

The dissolving medium is also called the?

Substance which is going to dissolve in medium is called solute and the medium is called solvent. solute + solvent = solution

What is the process of dissolving called?

I think you mean solvent. A substance that dissolves another substance is called the solvent. Water is a solvent for sugar and salt, for example. The stuff that is dissolved in the solvent is called the solute.