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The answer depends on whether you are referring to the perimeter or area, and also which characteristics are comparable: the sides of (an equilateral) triangle, its height and the radius or diameter of the circle.

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Q: What is the ratio of triangle to circle?
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What is the ratio of the areas of an equilateral triangle and a circle if their perimeters are same?

It is 0.6046 : 1 (approx).

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The answer depends on what ratio of the triangle you are interested in.

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Is a triangle in a circle the devils sign?

no its a circle in a triangle, and yes it is

If a circle is inscribed in a triangle the center of the circle is called the what of the triangle?

The circumcenter of the triangle.

What does a circle inside a triangle mean?

what does a triangle inside a circle mean.

How do you fill circle with triangle?

you cannot because a triangle has verticles and a circle does not

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triangle form in a semi circle is right triangle

If a circle is circumscribed about a triangle the center of the circle is called the of the triangle?


Is triangle and a circle similar?

no, they are opposite because a triangle has three sides and a circle is one big circle

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What is the ratio of triangles to circles?

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