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I think this means you pull with 20N at one end and 10 N at the other. That's a resultant force of 10N. The spring balance will accelerate.

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Q: What is the reading of the spring balance when 20 N and 10 N apply both ends?
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How are a spring scale and a balance alike?

Both a spring scale and a balance are used to measure weight. They both rely on the force of gravity acting on an object to determine its mass. Additionally, both devices provide numerical readings to indicate the weight of an object placed on them.

When the two ends of a spring baklance are pulled by two equal forces what is the force indicted on the spring balance?

The force indicated on the spring balance will be equal to the sum of the two equal forces applied on both ends of the spring balance. This is because the spring balance measures the total force acting on it, regardless of the number of individual forces.

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What are the similarities between a spring scale and a triple beam balance?

Both are analog measuring devices, meaning they convert mechanical energy into a numerical measurement. And both work on the principle of measuring the weight of an object by measuring the force it exerts against resistance. In the spring's case, the object being weighed is trying to overcome the spring's tension; while with the balance scale, the object is trying to overcome the force exerted by the counterweights.

Is a force meter the same as spring balance?

Yes, a force meter and a spring balance are essentially the same thing. They both measure the force applied to an object by utilizing the stretching or compression of a spring. These devices are commonly used in physics experiments and in everyday tasks like measuring weight.

What is the difference between a spring scale and a pan balance?

A spring scale measures weight by the amount of force (tension) applied to a spring, which is proportional to an object's weight. A pan balance uses two pans suspended from a beam to compare the mass of two objects by balancing the forces of gravity. While both can measure weight, a spring scale directly measures weight, whereas a pan balance compares the masses of objects.

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What is difference Between Beam Balance And Physical Balance Give ma answer?

A beam balance is a type of scale that uses a beam and weights to measure the weight of an object, while a physical balance is a type of balance that uses a suspended pan and a pointer to find the equilibrium point. Both are used for measuring weight, but they operate in slightly different ways.

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