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i thinks its a retainer

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dyuana stevenson βˆ™

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βˆ™ 2021-05-17 20:14:10
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Lilliana Rogahn βˆ™

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great answer, thxx!

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Why are Samneric worried about the tribe being painted in Lord of the Flies chapter 11?

Samneric are worried that the tribe will be 'painted' because they know that the wearing of paint frees the wearer from the normal rules which govern them. A boy wearing paint is capable of doing anything, without ever feeling shame, guilt or remorse.

Should you be worried if a guy pre-cums and you were on top?

If you are not on birth control and if he is not wearing a condom... you better be worried!!!

Can you get pregnant if the boy was wearing aunderwear and the girl was wearing short shorts please help worried?

No it is not possible you can only get pregnant through sexual imtercourse

How long can you wear a jockstrap without damaging yourself?

You will not damage yourself by wearing a jockstrap. You could wear them all the time if you wanted to. If you're worried about them being tight, they're supposed to be so that they support you. They are made to stretch, so you can still move around without a problem.

If you are wearing your panties and he is wearing his pant can you get pregnant?

No, but if it always better to be safe than sorry. If you're that worried about getting pregnant and do not know how babies are made you should not be fooling around at all.

Why is your pug's skin turning black?

Most pug`s skin does turn black but if your are worried call your vet

I am 16 turning 17 in 8 days and I am worried about how my life is gonna turn out my parents and friends all tell me to do the same thing just enjoy myself I am too young to be worried what can i do?

Do what your mothers say because they is right .

Do scented candles harm ceilings?

No. Candles do not harm ceilings. Are you worried about it turning black? This company offers virtually soot free candles.

Why is your tooth turning brown?

I just fell off my bike and gave my tooth a concuison, well that's what the dentist said. Pretty much I had trama and I was told only to be worried if my tooth started turning colour (which it is now turning brown) and if it does then I might need a root canal because it had become infected.

My budgies leg is turning a purple-black colour I'm worried it might be a blood clot. What should I do?

Take it to a vet just to be carfull

What is the impact of the emancipation proclamation today?

It left us to be worried about becoming slaves free without worries.without worries of becoming slaves for others.

What do you do if you have your period during a dance competition?

Well, I would just want to get the hell outta there. Try to get a pad or tampon, or talk to someone you trust if you are too worried. If you're wearing something close fitting, might be best to use a tampon. If you're worried about inserting, try

Can you swim safely in swimming pools without being worried from swine flu?

sure it is very dangerous

What are the boys worried about now that their stranded lord of the flies?

That they'll die without a leader obviously. DUH!

How do you get water out of engine block?

i know that taking out the spark plugs and turning the key is the fastest way to get all of it out, but i'm worried about my starting going out, is there any other way to do it?

Should you be worried if a leprechaun bites you?

That depends. If the bite marks are turning green and spotted, you probably should go to the hospital. But if it was a GOOD leprechaun that bit you, you will bleed gold!!!

Why were the queen and king of Spain worried about turning Columbus down?

because tree wax is dog poo and pineapples are deadly nom nom nom nom nom

What is the comparative and superlative to the word worried?

more worried, most worried

The G.I. Bill was created because government officials worried that huge numbers of veterans without would be a strain on the economy.?

The G.I. Bill was created because government officials worried that huge numbers of veterans without would be a strain on the economy.?

How do you use worried in a sentence as an adjective?

'He was a worried boy.' In this sentence worried is describing the boy, therefore worried is an adjective.

What is a sentence with the word worried in it?

I was worried about the exam all night.He didn't text back so she got worried.I was worried about nothing.The news really worried me.Why are you worried?

What is the conflict in the book Twelve?

Winnie is turning 12 and she has alot to deal with she has to go bra shopping with mom. One other thing sheis worried about is her period she gets it in November

What if your budgies leg is turning a purple-black colour you are worried it might be a blood clot What should you do?

Take your budgie to see an animal doctor (a vet) for treatment immediately.

Can you put the word worried between a and lot?

I suppose you could say "A worried lot" if you mean lot as the noun, and a group of people are all worried, but I would say "The whole group is worried" instead. If you mean that you are worried often, you would say "I get worried a lot" and if you mean that you are extremely worried, then you would say "I am a lot worried" or "I am very worried" which sounds a little better.

Are you worried what is the verb?

The verb is "are" (as it is in, "You are worried.")