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it is 2/-1 or -2/1 it does not matter one is negative and it is 2 over 1

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Q: What is the reciprocal of multiplicative inversion of negative 1 over 2?
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What is the multiplicative inverse of negative 4 over 3?

Flip it upside down. Now you have negative three over four. That's your multiplicative inverse (reciprocal) -3/4

Find the multiplicative inverse or reciprocal of 5 over 9?


What is the reciprocal of negative 17 over 3?

the reciprocal would be negative 3 over 7, unless you are trying to find the negative reciprocal, then the answer would be positive 3 over 7. hope this helped you :)

What is an example of a multiplicative inverse?

a multiplicative inverse is the same as a reciprocal so basically just flip it over:3/4 would be 4/3

What is the reciprocal of negative 13 over 8?

To get the reciprocal of a fraction, exchange the numerator and the denominator (the top and bottom parts). The reciprocal of a negative fraction is also negative.

What is the multiplicative inverse of negative 4 over 7?

Negative 7 over 4.

What is the reciprocal of negative five over six?

negative 6 over 5

What is the negative reciprocal of 1?

negative one over one

Negative 3 is the reciprocal so what is the opposite of negative 3?

Actually the reciprocal of any number is that number in the denominator instead of in the numerator. The reciprocal of -3 is 1 over -3.

What is the reciprocal of negative 3 over 4?

negative 4/3

What is the reciprocal of negative one over one third?

negative one third

What is the reciprocal of negative 35 over 12?

12 over -35

What is the reciprocal of negative 1 over 10?

- 10

What is the reciprocal of negative 5 over 2?

Negitive 2 over five

What is a multiplicative inverse?

The multiplicative inverse for the number x is the number 1/x, such that their product is 1. The name for a multiplicative inverse is the reciprocal (opposite).The multiplicative inverse of a fraction is found by making the numerator the denominator and the denomination the numerator, such that the reciprocal of 3/4 would be 4/3. You are simply "flipping the fraction over."Dividing by a fraction is the same as multiplying by its inverse, or reciprocal.Example: 6 divided by 2/3 = 6 times 3/2 = 18/2 = 9so that are 9 two-thirds sections in 6 wholes.

What is the reciprocal of -4 over 3?

The reciprocal is just the "flipped" version of the fraction. The reciprocal of -4/3 is -3/4 (negative three fourths).

What is the reciprocal of negative 9?

-0.1111... The definition of reciprocal is 1/ and so you are doing the same as 1/-9. oh my gosh this is 9 years old

Whats the Multiplicative Inverse of negative fifteen and two thirds?

If the multiplicative inverse of a number is the number that you could multiply with the original number in order to obtain one, then the mulitplicative inverse of -15 and 2/3 is -3/47 negative three fourtysevenths, or negative three over fourtyseven.

What is the reciprocal of negative one nineth?

Reciprocal is -9 reciprocal of a number is one over the number, in your case 1/-1/9 = -9. To get fraction reciprocal you turn it upside down

What is the reciprocal of negative one over pi?

(-1/pi)-1 = -pi

What is another word for inverse?

Depending on the usage, synonyms can include changed, contrary, converse, flipped, inverted, reverse, reversed, reverted, transposed, turned, or turned over.In math, the multiplicative inverse is the reciprocal. For integers, this is the fraction with the integer as the denominator. Example : the integer 3 and the reciprocal 1/3.(As opposed to the additive inverse, which is the negative of the integer.)

What is the multiplicative inverse and where is an example?

Multiplicative inverse is also called the reciprocal for a number. You will probably hear reciprocal more often since it much easier to say than multiplicative inverse. They both mean the same thing and what they mean is a number that multiplied to your original number gives a product of 1. In order to find the reciprocal of a number you can just flip the fraction over. If your number is not in fraction form, just pretend it is by making it a fraction with a denominator by 1. If you flip it over then you get 1/your number. Examples: 1/2's reciprocal = 2/1 Test: 1/2 * 2 = 1 5.6's reciprocal = 1/5.6=0.17857142... Test 5.6*0.17857142... = 1 Etc. etc.

What is the reciprocal of negative fractions?

The reciporical of any number is one over that number, as long as it is defined (i.e., not one over zero). This also applies to negative fractions: 1 divided by a negative number is always negative.

What is the reciprocal of 9 over 16?

Reciprocal of 9 over 16 is 16 over 9.

What is the reciprocal of 7 over six?

the reciprocal of seven over six is six over seven because a reciprocal is a normal fraction flipped.