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Q: What is the recursive function for the sequence 516273849?
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What is the difference between a geometric sequence and a recursive formula?

what is the recursive formula for this geometric sequence?

What is the difference between function and recursive function?

I will explain in the easiest way the difference between the function and recursive function in C language. Simple Answer is argument of the function is differ but in the recursive function it is same:) Explanation: Function int function(int,int)// function declaration main() { int n; ...... ...... n=function(a,b); } int function(int c,int d) { ...... ...... ...... } recursive Function: int recursive(int,int)// recursive Function declaration main() { int n; ..... ..... ..... ..... n=recursive(a,b); } int recursive(int a,int b) { ..... .... .... .... } Carefully see, In the recursive Function the function arguments are same.

How is the value of any term calculated if the position of term is known?

A sequence usually has a position-to-value function. Alternatively, it can be derived from the recursive relationship that defines the sequence.

A recursive sequence has a common ratio?


Is macro a recursive function?

If you're asking if the c preprocessor supports recursive macros, the answer is no. The preprocessor is single-pass and since the "function" must be defined before it can be referenced, it can not be recursive.

What is a recursive relationship?

a function that recalls itself again and again is called recursive relationship.

Can you use main function as a recursive function in C?


Difference between function and recursive variable?

A function can map for sets with infinite elements. Recursive variables, being 'algorithms of algorithms', are restricted to finite elements.

What is the definition of non recursive in c?

non recursive function is excuted faster than recrussive

What is the maximum depth of recursive calls a function may make?

Recursive function call depend your primary memory space because the recursive call store in stack and stack based on memory.

The efficiency of using recursive function rather than using ordinary function?

For some algorithms recursive functions are faster, and there are some problems that can only be solved through recursive means as iterative approaches are computationally infeasible.

What do you call a function recurative?

I guess it would be 'recursive'.