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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the reduced form fraction of .3?
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What is the reduced fraction form of 0.60?

The reduced fraction form of 0.60 is 3/5

What is 0.003 in a fraction reduced?

0.003 = 3/1000 and is in reduced form

What is the reduced fraction form of 140?

What is the reduced fraction form of 57%

What is 0.024 as a fraction?

0.024 is expressed in reduced fraction form as: 3/125

What is 0.003 as a fraction reduced?

0.003 as a fraction is 3/1000. It is in simplest form.

What is the answer to 0.910 reduced in fraction form?

0.910 reduced in fraction form is 91/100

.375 equals what in fraction form?

In fraction form, .375 is equal to 375/1000 which can be reduced to 3/8.

What is the reduced form of 140?

What is the reduced fraction form of 57%

The reduced form of the fraction 18 over 30?


What is 1.20 percent as a fraction?

1.20% in reduced form is: 3/250

What is 2.4 percent as in a fraction form?

2.4% = 3/125 (reduced)

How is a fraction related it's reduced form?

A fraction and its reduced form are equivalent. The numerator and denominator of the original (non-reduced) fraction will have been divided by their greatest common factor to give the reduced fraction.

How do you reduce the fraction 35 to the lowest form?

The fraction 3/5 cannot be reduced any more.

What is a reduced fraction for 75 over 100?

In its simplest form... 3/4

What is 0.06 as a reduced fraction?

0.06 as a reduced fraction is 3/50

What is the fraction 97 500 reduced?

It is already in reduced form.

What is 0.885714286 in fraction form?

0.885714286 in reduced fraction form = 442857143/500000000

How do you make 12 percent as a fraction and simplest form?

12% = 12/100, but this fraction can be reduced to 3/25.

Reduced fraction form of 10?

10 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in reduced rational form as 10/1.

When do you say that a fraction is in simplest form?

You can say that a fraction is in its simplest form when it can no longer be reduced or simplified. Example: 3 --- is a reducable fraction (not simplified) 6 1 --- is in simplest form 2

Convert 7.44 to a reduced fraction?

What is 7.44 in fraction form?

Write the decimal 0.006 as a fraction.?

It is 6/1000 or 3/500 in its reduced form

What is the reduced fraction of 300 over 400?

Just erase all of the zeros! 300/400 in decimal form is 0.75 3/4 in decimal form is 0.75! Therefore, 3/4 is the reduced fraction of 300/400

What is 81 over 64 reduced?

It is already in reduced fraction form.

What is a reduced fraction?

a reduced fraction is a fraction to its lowest term example:3/6 is1/2