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4/15 cannot be further reduced.

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Q: What is the reduced fraction for four fifteenths?
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Can you simplify the fraction four fifteenths?


What is four fifteenths as a fraction in its simplest form?

it can't be simplified

How do you write four fifteenths as a fraction?

Not sure about wright, but I would write it as 4/15

What fraction of 3 liter is 800 ml?

4/15 (four-fifteenths)

What is an equivalent fraction of two fifths?

four tenths; six fifteenths S. from California

Can the fraction four over nine be reduced?

No, it is fully reduced.

What is 5 fifteenths reduced in lowest terms?

5 fifteenths (5/15) reduced to lowest terms is 1/3

What is 5 fifteenths reduced?

One third.

How many times does one and a quarter go into the fraction four fifteenths?

It goes 16/75 times.

The square is divided into 3 parts part a is one third of the area of the square part b is two fifth of the area of the square what fraction of the area of the square is part c?

One-third is the same as five-fifteenths. Two-fifths is the same as six-fifteenths. Five-fifteenths plus six-fifteenths is eleven-fifteenths. One, or fifteen-fifteenths, minus eleven-fifteenths is four-fifteenths.

What is fraction is equivalent to eight fifteenths?

8/15 - that is a fraction

What is the fraction 21 over 45 reduced to its lowest term?

21 / 45 = 7 / 15 seven fifteenths 7 over 15

What is the percent of the fraction two fifteenths?


The LCD of four-fifteenths?

4/15 is one fraction. You need at least two fractions to find something in common.

What is 3 fifteenths as a simplified fraction?

3 fifteenths as a simplified fraction is 1 fifth. All you have to do is divide the numerator and the denominator by the greatest common factor.

What does 5 and one fifth plus 2 and five fifteenths equal as a fraction?

7 and 8 fifteenths

What fraction is equivalent to eleven fifteenths?


What is 1 and 4 fifeens equal to in a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 1 and four fifteenths is equal to 1.26 recurring (that is, 1.266666...)

What does eight fifteenths reduce to?

8/15 is already in its reduced form

What is ten fifteenths as a fraction in simplest form?


What is 1 and 2 3rds - 1 5th?

Convert the fraction parts to like terms, in this case fifteenths. 2 thirds is 10 fifteenths. 1 fifth is 2 fifteenths. So the final resuls is 1 and 10 fifteenths minus three fifteenths which is 1 and 7 fifteenths.

What fraction is bigger 2 5ths or 2 3ths?

Two fifths = six fifteenths, two thirds = ten fifteenths...

What is the reduced fraction of twenty nine over twenty four?


What is the reduced fraction of four forty-eights?

4/48 = 1/12

How do you put four fifteenths into a decimal?