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Q: What is the reference measurement of 1 meter?
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How do you convert meter to linear meter?

A meter is a linear measurement, therefore 1 meter is the same as 1 linear meter.

What measurement has 1000 in a meter?

1000 mm = 1 meter

What are the two system of measurement and how do they differ In TLE subject?

The two systems of measurement include the English system which is based on the foot measurements, and the Metric system based on the Meter as the unit of reference.

How many square km is 1 meter?

Non. you can not equate a length measurement (the meter) with an area measurement (the square km).

Measurement from millimeters to meters?

1 meter = 1000 millimeters 1 millimeter = 0.001 meter

How many milliliter are in 1.5 meters?

Milliliters are a metric measurement of volume, while meters are a metric measurement of length. There are 1,500 mL in 1.5 L Similarly, There are 1,500 mm in 1.5 m For future reference, here are the prefixes. Milli: 1,000 Deci: 100 Deca: 10 A millimeter is 1/1,000th of a meter. A decimeter is 1/100th of a meter. A decameter is 1/10th of a meter.

What weighs 1 meter?

A meter is a length measurement. Weight is not measured in meters.

How many square meters in 1 meter?

1 None. 1 meter is a linear measure, not an area measurement.

Why is 1 meter have to be 1 meter why not another measurement?

A metre (or meter) is a more or less arbitrary measurement; any other unit could be used as a unit of length. However, it was decided internationally that the meter is the standard unit of length.

What is 1 meter as another measurement?

100 centimetres.

How many meter is equal to 1 acres?

That can't be done. An acre is a measurement of area. A meter is a measurement of length.

If a meter stick markings centimeters what could be a precise and accurate measurement of your foot?

1 meter