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Did you mean "variables and constant"?

Variables vary taking on various values whereas constants do not change and remain fixed.

Temperature, number of accidents per day in a city, number of children born in a city are examples of variables. Number of planets in our solar system is an example of a constant.

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Q: What is the relation between variable and constract?
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What is the meaning of constract?


What is moderating variable?

Moderation occurs when the relationship between two variable depends on a third variable. The third variable is referred to as the moderate variable or simply the moderator

What is the constraction mean?


What does compare and constract means?

Compare means to say what is alike between one or more things. Contrast is to say what is different between them.

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What is the relation to a Control and a variable?

I dont know

What is variable cause?

There is nothing stating what a cause variable is. A casual relation between two events exists if the occurrence of the first event causes the outcome of the other. This is also known as cause and effect.

When is the correlation coefficient zero?

The correlation coefficient is zero when there is no linear relationship between two variables, meaning they are not related in a linear fashion. This indicates that changes in one variable do not predict or explain changes in the other variable.

What is A Relation In Which A Variable Is A Multiple Of The Other?

Direct proportionality.

What are the different ways of presenting relation and function?

A function is a relation where one variable specifies a single value of another variable. Presenting relation and function can be done different ways including verbal, numerical, algebraic, and graphical.

What does a scatter plot suggest?

A scatter plot plots two variables against each other, allowing the 'researcher' to easily see if there is a correlation between the dependant variable and the independant variable with relation to their data set.

What does the slope mean on a line graph?

Rate of change of the "vertical" variable in relation to the "horizontal" variable.