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V = d / t

Velocity is the change in distance over an interval of time.

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Q: What is the relationship between distance and time interval?
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An interval of distance or time between two points?


What is the relationship between the variables distance and time?

the distance increase with time

Relationship between speed distance and time?

Distance equals rate multiplied by time

What is the relationship between distance vs time?

distance X time = force/moment

What is the relationship between distance and time and speed?

The relationship is Speed = Distance/Time *The speed of the object can be found by dividing Distance by Time* .< This is only applicable for average speed >.

What is the relationship between distance and time?

There is no direct relationship between distance and time. Two airplanescan easily cover very different distances in the same amount of time.There can be an indirect relationship, that depends on speed.

The amount of distance traveled in a given amount of time measures what?

(change in distance) divided by (time interval) = the object's average speed during that time interval.

Can you correctly describe speed?

The distance traveled in an ifinitesimally small time interval, divided by that time interval.

Describe the relationship between the variable of time distance and speed?

Time = (distance) divided by (speed) Distance = (speed) multiplied by (time) Speed = (distance) divided by (time)

The interval between two occurrences is?

The interval between two occurences is TIME.

What is the term for the relationship between the speed of light and the measurements of the time and space?

interval, which is invariant regardless of frame of reference.

What is time-interval?

Time interval is the period of time between the start and end of an activity.

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