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Q: What is the relationship between distance rate and time?
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Relationship between speed distance and time?

Distance equals rate multiplied by time

What is the relationship between distance vs time?

distance X time = force/moment

What is the relationship of the object's speed to its velocity?

Speed is the rate of change of distance with time. Velocity is the rate of change of displacement with time.

What equation represents the relationship between the time and distance you walk at a constant rate and what are the dependent and independent variables?

At a constant rate: distance = time x speed Since you are calculating the distance based on the other two numbers, I would say that distance is the dependent variable (it is based on the values of the other variables).

How do you do distance rate and time problems?


What is the relationship between distance and time?

There is no direct relationship between distance and time. Two airplanescan easily cover very different distances in the same amount of time.There can be an indirect relationship, that depends on speed.

How do i solve distance rate time promblems?

The formula is Distance=Rate x Time (or distance equals rate multiplied by time). When you take this into account, you can manipulate it to solve for rate or time instead of distance. In other words, you could rewrite it as Rate= Distance/Time (rate equals distance divided by time) and Time= Distance/Rate (time equals distance divided by rate) in case they ask for what the Rate or Time is instead of Distance.

Describe the relationship between the variable of time distance and speed?

Time = (distance) divided by (speed) Distance = (speed) multiplied by (time) Speed = (distance) divided by (time)

What is the relationship between pulse rate and recovery time after exercise?

recovery time makes the pulse rate normal=)

What is the relationship between distance and time interval?

V = d / tVelocity is the change in distance over an interval of time.

What mathematical equation can be used to show the relationship between distance and intensity?

Speed = Distance/Time

How is distance effected when time or rate is decreased or increased?

distance = rate x time the distance is increased or decreased in direct proportion to the rate or time. If the rate doubles the distance doubles in given time; If the time doubles the distance doubles at a given rate.