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They are both representations of rational numbers.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the relationship between repeating decimals and fractions?
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What is the relationship between fractions and decimals?

Fractions can be converted into decimals and they mean the same thing.

Convert between fractions and decimals 8 over 12?

8/12 = 0.666 (repeating decimal)

What is the relashionship between fractions and decimals?

The relationship between fractions and decimals can be seen as follow. Fractions can be represented as ratio of two numbers and on dividing can give a decimal value. And decimal value can be converted into a fraction too.

What is the relationship between fractions decimals and percents?

they all show parts of a whole number

What are the relationship between fractions decimals and percents?

they all can be used to find the answer to the same wole number

What is the name of the line between fractions?

Answerdivide or over or out of; virgule if it's the / symbol and vinculum if it's a horizontal bar (also used in repeating decimals)

What is the difference between non terminating decimals and repeating decimals?

You answered yourself in the question.

What types of numbers are between zero an one?

Fractions and decimals

What do decimals and fractions have in common?

Fractions are a different form or decimals. They are both only in between whole numbers. Like 1/4 is .25 and these are both numbers in between 0 and 1

What is the similarities between decimals and fractions?

They are both ways of representing numbers.

What are similarities between fractions and decimals?

fractions and decimals both represent parts of a # Can be divided, multiplied, added, and subtracted ways to define a ratio use to find a percent

What number is between the fractions 10.40 and 20.50?

These are decimals and there are an infinite number of numbers between these numbers.

How do you convert between fractinons and decimals?

Fractions to decimals: Divide the numerator by the denominator. Decimals to fractions: Put the fraction without the decimal point in the numerator. In the denominator, put a "1", followed by as many zeroes as there are decimals. For example, 0.058 becomes 58 / 1000.

Why did God create pi and repeating decimals?

The transcendental relationship between circles and squares of the same size (pi) was obviously intended to frustrate the polytheistic Greeks in their academic hubris.

What are differences and similarities between fractions and decimals?

the way it is written, they can equal the same amount

What are some similarities between fractions and decimals?

They both can be multiplied, added, subtracted, and divided.

What decimal fraction is between 19 and 20?

There are infinitely many decimals fractions.19.00000000119.000000001000000619.0000000010000219.0000000265and so on

What are the fundamental differences and similarities between fractions and decimals?

They Are both ways to express partial #'s

What is the relationship between the numerators of the factors and the numerators of the product?

The relationship between the factors and the product is that they are both fractions.

What is the difference between decimals and fractions?

a fraction is a fraction! a decimal is a decimal! how could u not know that ?omg

What is the difference between a terminating and a repeating decimal?

A terminating decimal reaches an end after a finite number of digits whereas a repeating decimal, after a finite number of digits, has a string of decimals (also of finite length) that repeats forever. Thus 1.2356 is a terminating decimal. 1.456333... is a repeating decimal with the digit 3 repeating an infinite number of times. So also is 23.56142857142857...... where the string 142857 repeats to infinity. In fact, terminating decimals may be viewed as repeating decimals with zero repeating infinitely.

What are the numbers between 0 and -1?


Is there a number between 12 and 13?

There are an infinite number of numbers between 12 and 13. decimals, fractions and irrational numbers

How are decimals and fractions related to division?

Decimals and fractions are ways of representing numbers. Division is an arithmetic operation between two numbers (and the inverse of the multiplication operation). One form of writing the division operation looks like a fraction.

What is the gcf of 8.4 and 18.6?

The GCF is a relationship between whole numbers, not decimals.