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Q: What is the resulting figure when income is greater than expenditures?
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Which expenditures was greater than the expenditure on health?

B) Income security

Does expenditures approach and the income approach yield the same GDP figure?

yes it does.

What two actions could you take if your expenditures were consistently greater than your income?

1). Reduce your rate of expenditure. 2). Increase your rate of income.

The excess of income over expenditures is called?

The excess of income over expenditures is known as Savings. S= Y(d)-C Where; S= Savings Y(d)= Disposable Income C= Consumption Expenditures

How much will a trustee take out of your monthly income in a chapter 13 bankruptcy Is it a certain percentage?

It's your disposable income. The debtor files a statement of income and expenditures. The expenditures cannot be unreasonably high. The chapter 13 payment is the difference between the income and expenditures.

What is induced investment?

Business investment expenditures that depend on income or production (especially national income or gross national product). An increase in national income triggers an increase in induced investment expenditures.

What is the Percent of income breakdown on expenditures?

10 percent

What is required of Congress to publish a statement of all expenditures and income?

Reports of the living costs, non-priority debts, priority debts and income are required of the Congress to publish a statement of all expenditures and income.

What is balanced budget?

A budget for which expenditures are equal to income. Sometimes a budget for which expenditures are less than income is also considered balanced. The concept is often discussed in reference to the federal government.

Congress is required to publish a statement of all expenditures and income?


What do you use to make sure your expenditures don't exceed your income?


How do you do adjusting entries?

You adjust the entries by crediting the income and debiting the expenditures.

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