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The resulting value of the sum is zero. This is because you have nothing to divide the number with. Gareth.f Cardiff, Wales

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Q: What is the resulting value when dividing a number by 0?
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What number when used in division is undefined?

If you are dividing and the denomenator is 0, then your answer will be undefined. (e.g. 7/0) If you are dividing and the numerator is 0, then your answer will be 0. (e.g. 0/7).

The program will end when a 0 value is read This final value 0 will not participate in the required calculation?

Some people have realised that dividing by zero or 0 will not work. Any program which counts down from a large number to 0 wil stop the program.

What is the quotient when 0 is divided by a number?

The answer is 0 as long as the number you're dividing by is a non-zero number.

What happens if you divide a number by 0?

Seriously? nothing happens OF COURSE, your dividing by nothing...... No ur wrong, ur paper catches on fire :3 Well, it matters on what the number is. Dividing 0 by 0 is 0, because dividing a number by itself is one, but since this number is negative to one, it cannot be. Sorry i made a hole in the universe.

What happens when dividing a number by 0?

Nothing happens if a number is divided by a zero.

If you subtract a number from itself or divide a number by itself which will give you the largest?

Subtracting a number by itself will leave you with 0, whereas dividing leaves 1. So dividing a number by itself will give the larger result.

Why does 1.8 1.80 1.800 have the same value?

If number 0 comes right side of a decimal, the number 0 doesn't change the value.

Which is a number when you divide it by any number there is answer in whole number?

The only such number is 0, and the answer in each case is 0.For a number other than zero, dividing it by any number will not always result in a whole number.

Is 0 a prime number?

Dividing by Zero is mathematically impossible. So no, it is not a prime

How do you convert a number into binary codes?

Convert decimal number to binary1. Start by writing down the number as a start of a new column.2. Fill out the rest of the column by dividing the number above it by 2. Write only the integer portion of each value, and use this integer value when computing the one below it. Continue dividing until the last value written is 1.3. Write a second column of values next to the first, as a column of binary 1's and 0's. Write a 1 if the number beside it is odd, or a 0 if even.4. Read the second column from bottom to top, writing out the binary value from left to right.

What is the absolute value of a number from 0?

Th absolute value of a number is its distance, regardless of direction, form 0.

Is any nonzero integer divided by 0 equal 0?

No. Division by zero (whatever number you're dividing) is undefined.