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What is the reverse process of vectors addition?

reverse process of vector addition is vector resolution.

How addition and subtraction related?

Addition and subtraction are reverse operations.

Addition is the reverse operation of?


The reverse of multiplication is?


Addition is the reverse operation of what?


Definition of Inverse property of addition?

* *It is the reverse of the actionEx.Addition is the inverse of subtrationmultiplication is the inverse of division

What is the defionition of inverse?

It is the reverse of the action Ex. Addition is the inverse of subtration multiplication is the inverse of division

Can you reverse the order of integers when subtracting and still get the same answer why?

No because the commutative property only works for addition and multiplication

Where can I find free reverse phone lookup ?

I always go to or on the internet. You will not be charged for any reverse look-ups. In addition you can also look for a phone number by entering the address (if known).

What is an communitive property of addition?

The commutative property of addition states that a number plus another number equals the same number plus the same number in reverse order. An example of this is 2+5=5+3.

Why the direction of resultant vector in the triangle law of addition is reverse?

In order to bring the system to equilibrium, action and reaction cancel out. The resultant is the reaction.

Can you refinance a reverse mortgage without a job?

The primary requirements to qualify for a reverse mortgage are age, 62 or over, ownership of real estate and enough equity to entice a lender to approve a reverse mortgage. Having a job is not a requirement since many senior citizens on social security take advantage of reverse mortgages to supplement their income.Refinancing a reverse mortgage can be difficult, tricky and costly. You would need enough untapped equity to qualify for a new reverse mortgage and to pay off the existing reverse mortgage. The fees and costs would be expensive. In addition, lenders are not approving reverse mortgages at the former rates making them harder to obtain.

What is the reverse of Markovnikov's rule?

Markonikov's rule is related to addition reactions so its reverse should be related to elimination reaction so it may be Saytzef's rule which states that during elimination reaction hydrogen is removed from that carbon atom which has the lesser no of hydrogen atoms.

7 plus 8 equals 8 plus 7 is an example of which property?

When you can reverse the values in an equation and the answer is the same, this is referred to as commutivity. In this example, this is the commutative property of addition.

Does a virus have organelles?

No, a virus is basically a protein coat, a capsid, surrounding genetic material, Retroviruses can have membranous covers and reverse transcriptase enzymes in addition to the above basic viral complement.

How is subtraction like division?

It's basically the same concept. Like subtraction is the opposite of addition, and division is the opposite of multiplication. Just the reverse. Kind of hard to explain.... ask your teacher!

Where can you find people by their email?

The best way to reverse lookup an email address is by entering the email address in a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. In addition, there are some reverse email address searches online like at that can check an email address against social network profiles.

What is a sentence with the word reverse?

I need to reverse onto the driveway.What will happen if you reverse the flow?

How do you reverse the rotation on a Ford 302 engine?

You will need a reverse rotation cam and lifters, reverse rotation front a rear main seals, reverse rotation distributor, and a reverse rotation starter.

What is the reverse of sublimation?

The reverse of sublimation is deposition.

How do you reverse a sync in your iPhone?

you can not reverse the sync

Why can't aeroplanes reverse?

aeroplanes can reverse

What process is the reverse of respiration?

The reverse is photosynthesis.

What is reverse power for generator?

what is reverse power

What is a reverse wall?

a reverse wall is a wall that's reverse. black people like chicken.