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Q: What is the role of a compression function in a hash function?
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Which hashing function includes 128-bit hash value and is often used to verify the intergrity of data?


What are the main structure and function and role of the skin in relation to hairdressing?

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What is the difference between 'Function' and 'role'?

Something's function is what its used for. Example: Your thumb's function is to allow you to grip things with your hand. Somethings role is its purpose. Example: Your thumb is an evolutionary trait due to the need to survive, it's role is to let humans and primates get one step ahead of the other animals on the Earth due to the need to survive and carry on the species. ------------------------------------------- Think as the "Function" as an action; something that is used, or that you will utilize to 'do' something; eg. complete a manuever or task. And think of "role" as to what is being achieved; the contribution for the desired 'act' or function. function: how something can be used/is used; its value or significance -- as to -- role: what something does/is doing; in contribution thereof/ the obligations, duty, or purpose for the overall achievement Example: A USB connection cable for your Android phone functions as the communication transport link for data transfer between that device and your PC. The required software plays a role by providing the necessary operating system applications for the management of that data.

What is the role of the y-intercept in a function?

is shows the point where a graph crosses the y-axis

What does 3 gold and 1 red hash mark mean on a policeman's uniform?

the gold means experienced and the red hash is a pizza stain

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What is the best way of referring to the output of a secure hash function?

The output from a hash function is referred to as the hash value, hash code, hash sum, checksum or just plain "hash" as in "the hash of the file is...". Generally a hash function is presumed to be secure or it wouldn't be used. If a hash is not secure it could be referred to as "worthless" or "false sense of security".

What is hash key?

hash key is an element in the hash table. it is the data that you will combine (mathematical) with hash function to produce the hash.

What is a hash function?

hash function is technique used in message authentication it is attached to the message for security purpose

Insert value into hash table?

Insertion in hash tables is based on a 'key' value which is calculated on the basis of a hash function. This hash function generates the key based on what type of data it is fed. For example hash function for an integer input might look like this : int hash(int val) { return (val%101); } where return value of hash function would become a key. Complete implementation can be found at:

What is double hashing in data structure?

if collision is occurred in hash function then we can solve this problem by using double hash function

What is a decryption of the hash string 108933322ed670db49b0141d10f6dbbe?

To decode a hash string you first need to know what hash function was used to encode it.

Define hashing and describe briefly including types of hashing and where it is used and advantages and disadvantages of hashing?

Hashing is performed on arbitrary data by a hash function. A hash function is any function that can convert data to either a number or an alphanumeric code. There are possibly as many types of hashing as there are data. How precisely the hash function works depends on what data it is meant to generate a hash code from. Hashing is used for a variety of things. For example, a hash table is a data structure used for storing data in memory. Instead of iterating through the structure to find a specific item, we associate a key (hash code) to a particular item (data). A hash code can be generated from a file or disk image. If the data does not match the code, then the data is assumed to be corrupted. Hashing has the advantage of taking a larger amount of data and representing it as a smaller amount of data (hash code). The code generated is unique to the data it came from. Generating a hash code can take time however, depending on the function and the data. Some hash functions include Bernstein hash, Fowler-Noll-Vo hash, Jenkins hash, MurmurHash, Pearson hashing and Zobrist hashing.

What is the major advantage of a hash table?

The major advantage of a hash table is its speed. Because the hash function is to take a range of key values and transform them into index values in such a way that the key values are distributed randomly across all the indices of a hash table.

How do you decyrpt the MD5 hash string?

The MD5 hash algorithm is a cryptographic hash function, not an encryption method. A cryptographic hash function converts a message of variable length to a fixed size of 'hash,' usually done to check the integrity and authenticity of the original message, and not transmit the message itself in a unreadable encrypted way. The message is also sent ALONG with the hash, usually to ensure that the original message has not been altered en route. Thus it does not have enough information to actually retrieve the message itself. (although it can if the size of the message is the size of the hash, it is never the case.) Decrypting the MD5 hash string will not yield the information that was used for its creation anyways.

What data type is suitable for password field?

We never store passwords in a password field. If we did that, anyone with access to the database would have access to all the passwords. Instead, we store the output from a one-way cryptographic hashing function. That is, when a user creates a password, we store the hash value generated from that password via the hashing function. When the user subsequently enters their password in order to log on, the hash value generated by the entered password is compared with the stored hash value. If the two hash values match exactly then the correct password was entered. Being one-way, it is not possible to determine the password from the hash value, even if we know the precise implementation details of the hash function employed to create the hash value. This is the safest way to store passwords; we simply need to ensure that the same hash function that was used to generate the hash is also used to validate the user's password at logon. Cryptographic hashes can vary in length depending on which function was used to generate the hash value. Typical values are 128-bit, 160-bit, 256-bit and 512-bit, thus a fixed-length binary field of the required length would be suitable for storing the hash values.

Hash function for storing password in c program?

MD5 and SHA1 are quite common.

Hashing in DBMS?

Hashing is the technique of to retrieving the datas in the database. for example,we created one index for one main table,so how we can retrieve the index from that main table? ans- to using one function we can retrieve the data,that function is called hash function. hash function format is h(search key)=pointer or bucket identifier.