What is the root of fend?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is the root of fend?
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What is the base or root of defendant?


What is the present tense of fend?

The present tense of "fend" is "fends." For example, "He fends off criticism."

What is the simple present tense of fend?

I/you/we/they fend. He/she/it fends.

What is a sentence using the word fend?

Fend off, mate!

When was Peter Fend born?

Peter Fend was born in 1950.

When did Fritz Fend die?

Fritz Fend died in 2000.

When was Fritz Fend born?

Fritz Fend was born in 1920.

How do you use fend in a sentence?

the rock stars had to fend off the screaming and swarming girls as they exited the building

What is the root word for avert?

divert, turn, deflect ward off, avoid, prevent, fend off, preclude, stave off, forestall

What rhymes with fend?

bend lend fend tend spend rend send

Make A sentence with the word fend?

Sometimes people must fend for themselves.

What are the different tenses for the word fend?

{All for third person singular} Simple present indicative: it fends Progressive present indicative: it is fending Intensive or interrogative present: it does fend, does it fend? Simple past indicative: it fended Progressive past indicative: it was fending Intensive or interrogative past indicative: it did fend; did it fend? Simple present perfect: it has fended Progressive present perfect: it has been fending Simple past perfect: it had fended Progressive past perfect: it had been fending Simple future: it will fend Intensive future: it shall fend Simple future progressive: it will be fending Simple future perfect: it will have fended Intensive future perfect: it shall have fended Conditional: it would fend or it could fend Present subjunctive: it fend