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There are infinitely many possible answers. Some examples:

  1. Output = 8 (whatever the input): this is the SIMPLEST rule.
  2. Output = (Input)3
  3. Output = (Input + 1)2 - 1
  4. Output = Input*4
  5. Output = Input + 6
  6. Output = 2*(Input + 2)
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Q: What is the rule if the input is 2 and the output is 8?
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What is The output is eight less than the input function rule?

f(x) = x - 8.

Why is multiplying the Input by 2 is the same as dividing the Output by 2?

It is not. Suppose the function is "add 7".Then an input of 1 gives an output of 1+7 = 8.Double the input to 2 and the output is 2+7 = 9Whereas simply halving the output gives 9/2 = 4.5So the question is based on false premises.

What is the pin diagram of Integrated Chip L293D?

L293D is having 20 pin IC and also 16 pin IC. description of 20 pin is: 1-enable 1 2- input 1 3- output 1 4,5,6,7,14,15,16,17- ground 8- output 2 9- input 2 10,20-vs 11-enable 2 12- input 3 13-output 3 18-output 4 19-input 4 description for 18 pin: 1-enable 1 2- input 1 3- output 1 4,5,12,13- ground 6-output 2 7- input 2 8,18-vs 9-enable 2 10-input 3 11-output 3 14-output 4 15-input 4

How IC 7402 can be connected to use NOR gate?

IC 7402 is different from the other type of IC like 7404,7408,7432 and 7400 when it is connected to have an output desired... if you noticed all i mentioned ic is connected from left to the right. input pin 1 and 2, output pin 3 input pin 4 and 5, output pin 6 input pin 13 and 12, output pin 11 input pin 10 and 9, output pin 8 while in nor gate, to have the desired output it must be connected from right to left... input pin 2 and 3, output pin 1 input pin 5 and 6, output pin 4 input pin 8 and 9, output pin 10 input pin 11 and 12, output pin 13

What are the applications of IC 74147?

This is a priority encoder. When the individual input lines are driven low, this chip outputs the index number of the highest-numbered input line that is low, in binary-encoded form, on its four output lines. If inputs 2 and 6 are both low, the output is 6 (1010). If 6 and 8 are both low, the output is 8. If 2, 6, and 8 are low, the output is 8. And so on.

What is an input output table?

An input/output table works like this:You input something, and through a function, it outputs something else!Say I Had a function that is: input+2If I were to input 5, It would output 7All an input/output table does is displays a couple examples of multiple inputs with their outputs! Put tables only operate on one function....Example:Function: Input x 5 + 3INPUTS - OUTPUTS----------------------1 - 82 - 133 - 186 - 3310 - 53

What is an input value?

An input value is the value that you start with. If it helps, you can think of an input value as being a value you type in. So, for instance, if you type 8 * 2 into your calculator, then that's the input. This is contrasted with output, which is the value returned to you by the computer program. In our example, the output would be 16.

What is the pin configuration of ic 7408?

this shows you everything you need about them Pin Number Description 1 A Input Gate 1 2 B Input Gate 1 3 Y Output Gate 1 4 A Input Gate 2 5 B Input Gate 2 6 Y Output Gate 2 7 Ground 8 Y Output Gate 3 9 B Input Gate 3 10 A Input Gate 3 11 Y Output Gate 4 12 B Input Gate 4 13 A Input Gate 4 14 Positive Supply

Square and cube calculation C language?

you make a function yourself For example : int cube (int input); int main (void) { int x = 2; printf(x is %d\n",x); x = cube (x); printf("x is %d\n",x); return 0; } int cube (int input) { int output = input * input *input ; return output; } the output will be : x is 2 x is 8

What is the mechanical efficieny of a machine that produces 400 joules of work output from a work input of 500 joulesd?

.8 or 80%i.e. The output is 80% of the input.

How many input output device can interface with 8085 microprocessor?


What is the Input and output of Krebs cycle?

Input: 2 Acetyl CoA Output: 8 NADPH, 6 CO2, 6 H2O, 2 ATP, 2 FADH2 Note: This is the Kreb's cycle going around twice, since it has to go through the process twice for every glucose molecule.

What is the rule input 9 output 17?

There are infinitely many possible answers:add 8multiply by 2 and subtract 1multiply by 3 and subtract 10multiply by 4 and subtract 19etc are all possible rules.

8. The marginal output rule states that if a firm does not shut down then it should produce output at a level where?

[object Object]

What is the pin diagram of IC74180?

The 74180 is an 8 bit parity generator/checker.InputInputEven ControlOdd ControlEven OutputOdd OutputGroundInputInputInputInputInputInput+5VIf Even and Odd Control are both high, both Even and Odd Output are low.If Even and Odd Control are both low, both Even and Odd Output are high.If Even Control is low, and Odd Control is high, then Even Output is high if the number if inputs that are high is even, and Odd Output is the inverse of that. The reverse is true if Even Control is high and Odd Control is low.

Example on how to convert octal to binary?

input: 76543210(8) output: 111 110 101 100 011 010 001 000(2)

What is the answer Here are two number machines 1- X x 5 - 4 and 2- X x 3 plus 8. both machines have the same input that makes the output of A three times bigger the output of B work out the the input?

It is -7.

What are the input and output of the political system by gabriel almond?

There are basically 8 requisite functions by Almond Gabriel.he classified them into Inputs and Outputs.the inputs consists of - political socialization, political communication, political recruitment, interest articulation, interest aggregation. the outputs consist of - rule making, rule application and rule adjudication.

Design a Combinational circuit that has three input and one output the output is 1 when the binary value of the input is less than three the output is logic 0 otherwise?

If you are talking combinations, without binary number representations, then you are talking about a circuit that has a 1 output when any input is a 0. That is a 3 input NAND gate. If you are talking binary number representation, then you are talking about a circuit that has a 1 output when the inputs are 010, 001, or 000. Use a 3 to 8 decoder, with an OR gate on the low three outputs.

What are the Three stages of computing?

Input,process and output ie you ask the computer to work out 4+4. the input would be the 4+4 the computer would then work out the answer being the process and display the answer 8 being the output

A yard is equal in length to three feet The function Fy takes a measurement in yards as input and returns a measurement in feet as output What input will return a value of 24?


What is Decoder IC 74LS138?

It's an IC where the input is a 3 bit binary number. The output has 8 pins, one for each of the possible input values. For example, if the input is 000, the output pin called Y0 will the activated because that cooresponds to zero while all other pins will stay the same.

How do you connect Lenovo 550 to a tv and receive sound as well as a picture?

If you are using the VGA output, you need to plug a cable from the headphone output on the laptop to the audio input on the TV. Many newer TV's have a 1/8" input jack for just this purpose.

Name 8 ports connectors which are used for input and output devices?


What is the pin diagram of ic 74150?

The pin diagram of the 74150 16 to 1 data selector is ...1 - input 72 - input 63 - input 54 - input 45 - input 36 - input 27 - input 18 - input 09 - strobe10 - ouput (inverted)11 - select D (8)12 - GND13 - select C (4)14 - select B (2)15 - select A (1)16 - input 1517 - input 1418 - input 1319 - input 1220 - input 1121 - input 1022 - input 923 - input 824 - Vcc